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Hi Folks, the 3 of us bring you this month’s news,

Hi, this is Mango, I want to tell you about an exciting interview we had this week about teaching dogs. This Human has made a lifetime of learning about dogs’ personalities so he can help them and their Humans be great companions. At first, as the resident feline in the group, I thought I was going to be bored – but WOW, I think some of his insights could help Me understand my furry canine friends, namely Buddy & Taylor! So, without more ramblings, let me introduce Mark Foreman of Advanced Canine Development.

Mark: Hi Mango, Hi Buddy & Taylor. Thanks for having me here today!

Taylor: Is this a ploy by my mom to look at my discipline?

Buddy: TAYLOR! No…Be Nice. Think up a question.

Mark, we’ve heard that lots of Humans have been bringing puppies into their homes in the past several months. What do you have to say about this?

Mark: Yes, Buddy that is true! With people working from home, a lot of cats n dogs have become new family members. And it’s wonderful – as long as the Humans realize that all pets, especially puppies, take time and care, even during the workday. Let’s talk about puppies. They have special needs that Humans can help with. Besides learning to potty outside, puppies need to learn socialization. The younger they are, the more important this is! 3 weeks to 16 weeks is the most important age for positive socializing.

[Taylor, No rolling your eyes. Sit, please.]

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Socialization does not mean putting a dog in a new situation and seeing what happens. Socialization means introducing new situations and making them safe, positive, confidence-building experiences.

Socialization with Humans is important. Not showing fear or aggression towards Humans is Good Manners. Giving a loud, hearty Wuf to say hello is ok. But continuing to Wuf Wuf Wuf or growling like you got out of bed on the wrong side is in bad taste.

Puppies should be introduced to Humans of all types and sizes. Here in FL, puppies are sometimes afraid when they see Humans in hats and sunglasses.  Calm exposure is key. Introduce your puppy to people walking on the street, crowds, people with walkers and wheelchairs, people of all ages.

Socialization with other pets is important. They need to learn to not be afraid or to be too boastful to other dogs and cats. Humans should not expect dogs to greet each other by touching noses either. This can be perceived as aggressive and a fight may ensue. Dogs and cats learn about each other by sniffing out the situation. They learn about people this way too. Sniffing is their communication.

…Now Taylor, what’s your question?

Taylor: Officer Sadie told us a couple months ago that she did really well in her Test for Finding and loves the outdoors. Was that taught to her when she was very young?

Mark: Good question Taylor – and Yes, starting when she was about 3 weeks old, her training probably included playing games with her Human outdoors in different environments. She probably roamed wooded areas, fields of scrub and grasses, lawns, and crowded city sidewalks. She probably played Fetch and Find games in these areas with her Human and was rewarded for being successful. So, when she took her Big Test here in Charlotte County, it was all great fun to her, and she did very well.

Those two games, Fetch & Find, are games most dogs love to play. They are instincts built into almost every dog. When encouraged as a youngster, they teach a dog lots of self-confidence. Most dogs LOVE to play. They play with each other; they play with their Humans. What dogs want most of all is time with their Humans. By the way, this is called Imprinting, important in every furry friend’s young life.

Mango, did you have a question?

Mango: Yes Mark – I have heard our furry fans debating the use of Crates. What is your opinion?

Mark: Yes Mango, we teach the use of crates for puppies. Just because someone is home with their puppy (or kitty), doesn’t mean they need to be with them 24/7. Crate-time, even when brief, can help dogs n cats become acclimated to going in the crate and having some alone time, even when Humans are home. And it helps in later life when you and your furry friends might be crated, say, for a doctor’s visit.

puppy-twist-Advance-Canine-DevelopmentA crate should be used as a refuge, not for discipline. This is where a puppy can go to feel safe and “away” from the world. It’s a great place for a nap, for instance. Even when grown up, and even if a crate is no longer used, cats n dogs need a safe place to go to be quiet. For instance, during a Holiday party where there are lots of Humans – Taylor, I think you wrote about this in another blog. Crates are available at Cats n Dogs store; my good friends Nancy & Judi can help you get the best size.

Mango: Well Mark, thank you for all this information! Folks, during this interview Mark gave us LOTS more information to talk about – and we’ll be writing about this in future blogs.

Here is your chance! Furry Fans, is there a question you would like to ask Mark? Send your questions here. In our upcoming blogs with Mark Foreman of Advanced Canine Development, he will address as many of your concerns as possible.

Until next month, thanks for reading!

With a wuf, wuf and a meeooow,
Taylor, Buddy & Mango

If you and your Human would like to talk to Mark and his team at Advanced Canine Development, contact him here. He and his team are passionate about teaching Humans and Dogs how to be great companions.


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Our promise to you: we never sell or give away your contact info. Your privacy is important to us! You can expect to receive a news blast about once a month, that’s all.