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Thanksgiving is upon us – and it’s time to let you know how much we appreciate you, both in supporting the store and reading our monthly news. Thanks for being our besties!


Holiday Gift Ideas

For Cats, Mango suggests:  Balls with feathers bring out the natural hunt instinct.  Well-designed cat scratchers will allow your kitty to stretch, scratch and exercise without destroying the couch, walls or holiday ornaments.  Our Humans have stocked the store with lots of crinkly and furry toys too, some with Catnip, my fav!

For Dogs: These will make you mouth water! Earth-friendly recycled toys like West Paw’s Huck, Tux or Hurley.  Goughnuts is one of the toughest chewy toys available. There are lots of shapes and sizes.  Both West Paw and Goughnuts offer replacement guarantees.

If your Humans are going to visit friends and aren’t sure what to bring for their furry kids, treats are an easy favorite. And we have an AMAZING selection of all-natural, freeze-dried treats in lots of different flavors…..cat or dog.  Hmmm, I’m getting hungry!  My fav’s are Thrive Treats, Gibson’s, Whimzees and Fruitables. I like crunchy.

A very tasty treat, which is actually a joint supplement, is Ark Naturals’ Sea Mobility Joint Rescue. Good for you, a little every day. (My Human will fill you in on this.)

Cats and Dogs store also has lots of other gift items, like collars, beds, harnesses, jewelry. You know how your Human’s kids get socks and undies for Christmas? That’s kind of like a new harness. Buddy & I do like a fresh, new bed mattress every so often, though. (Mom: hint)

Let’s Jump into This Month’s Article:

10 Tips for Holiday Time

Gifts and Parties and Visitors and Big Meals and…. S. T. R. E. S. S……..
I think our feline friends might be better at handling all this: they go and hide. Us dogs seem to want to be in the middle of it all. Not always a good thing.

So, Buddy & I put together some tips for our cat and dog friends for Surviving the Holidays:

  1. If you are given a gift – wag or say Thank You. Next, take the wrapping off and discard. It is not to eat! The gift is on the inside.
  2. If your gift is a bag of treats, your Human will probably give you a few. Don’t eat the whole bag at once. You won’t feel so good after that, spoiling the treat.
  3. Important! When you are handed the gift, especially by a Small One, DON’T grab the fingers or hand too. That’s easy to do when you are excited.
  4. About having a party at your house: RELAX…. A Human Party is when your Humans get crazy before the party and run the Vacuum Monster. Then they start putting food out, that you are NOT allowed to sample. Then lots of people start to ring the doorbell. It is preferable that you NOT also announce the Humans at the door. Your reward for putting up with a Party… (besides lots of head-scratches) lots of goodies throughout the evening, both dropped and sneaked.
  5. If your Humans go away from the house to a party, this is your chance to rest up for the next big holiday event.
  6. Food at the holidays – there can be lots more food being cooked and eaten by Humans. Us cats n dogs need to show restraint! Feeling sick during all the fun makes it not fun. We touched on this a couple newsletters ago, but again, NO: grapes, raisins, onion, coffee, chocolate, yeast dough, raw eggs, candy/gum, or alcoholic drinks.
  7. Your Human might stock up on some good-for-you treats (from our store, of course.)
  8. If you do eat too much or the wrong foods, try to get sick OUTSIDE.
  9. Humans deal with STRESS by getting enough rest and exercise. It’s no different for us Cats n Dogs. In fact, why don’t you recommend to your Human that you do it together! Here in Southwest Florida, this is the perfect time to get outside and walk or play fetch. It will help both of you cope.
  10. Does this whole Holiday thing still freak you out? Ask your Human to stop into the store and pick up a treat called Pet Releaf, with CBD / hemp in it (see a previous blog). It won’t make you high, but it will calm your nerves, which will also calm your Human’s nerves.

Ok – We wish you lots of Wuf Wufs and Meows. Have a great Thanksgiving Season – and we’ll be back in December to talk about all the great places for pets to visit in our beautiful corner of Florida!

Also, don’t forget to come see us this Saturday and next for Santa and Shopping!
Your Pal,
Taylor, along with Buddy & Mango and our Humans

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