​Hi, this is Taylor – with help from his friends Buddy & Max. There’s loads of newsy news this month!

First, Nancy & Judi went to the annual Pet Stuff show recently. They said it was wonderful. Much bigger than last year and lots of great ideas and goodies. So there is LOTS of new stuff coming to the store over the next couple months. (Nancy said around the middle part of April.)

For instance, they ordered several interactive toys I can’t wait to play with. Snuffle Mats, Brightkins, Dilly’s Poochie Butter and lick mats. Loads of treats, including functional treats like NaturVet Scoopables. New brushes. New foods that include freeze dried and raw foods. Did we mention we are expanding our freezers? Harry is getting the new power run now. We will be THE place locally to get raw and lightly cooked foods for BOTH Cats n Dogs!!

Next – for this month’s feature, we interviewed a Human! Amy runs My Buddies Pet Care in Port Charlotte. They have a great Daycare program for us canines who need to get out of the house and go somewhere during the day.

Why doggy daycare?

Avoiding Boredom:

Some of our Humans work long hours every day. Buddy and I can come to the Cats n Dogs store off and on. It’s fun, we do a little work, sniff out customers, socialize a little. But some of our canine friends are home alone all day and they might get bored or scared.


We canines are social beings. We like interacting with others! We don’t have to ‘talk for hours’ like people sometimes do, but we do like to hang out. And just like people, friendly socializing has to be learned and practiced. At a doggie daycare, there are games and play equipment as well as places to relax and enjoy the pack environment. So, you can go home at night, relax, and enjoy time with your Humans.

Better Manners

After a day of fun with a pack, you won’t be inclined to dig holes in the yard, chew up shoes or Wuf Wuf Wuf too much. You might even enjoy doing your safety commands with your Human. You know, like Sit, Stay, Come…

Symptoms of Boredom:

  • Excessive barking
  • ‘Bad Dog’ chewing
  • Grumpy behavior or bad manners towards people or furry friends

Let’s hear from Amy more about My Buddies Pet Care

Buddy: Amy, please tell us about your pet care center

Amy: Thank you, Buddy, for inviting us to be on your blog! We’ve been in Port Charlotte now since 2015. And we are dedicated to the best quality dog and cat care! We let you furry buddies lounge around in our Play Areas instead of on your best furniture at home. Cats are intrigued by our huge cat tree, rope bridges, ceiling pedestals and more. And by controlling the climate, lighting and providing the right amount of soothing noise, we help our cats n dogs visitors feel relaxed and comfortable.

Max: Many of us, Amy, are getting older. Do you accommodate us?

Amy: Yes, of course Max! Whether you are aged, infirmed, or disabled, we are happy to have you visit. We have experience in helping you enjoy the day in our community environment. Dogs and cats like you still need socializing and activities for good mental health too!

Buddy: What other services do you offer?

Amy: Well Buddy, we provide cage-free pet daycare, full-service pet grooming and both dog and cat boarding in our spacious Pet Suites or Kitty Condos and Oases. We say, “Let them play all day long!”

Amy: Just to let you know, unfortunately we did suffer extensive damage to the My Buddies center with Hurricane Ian. We were able to help out some furry friends needing boarding over the Christmas holiday. And our grooming is up and running. BUT we are now thrilled to announce that daycare and kennel boarding for Dogs will resume April 1st, 2023!!  (Sorry cat lovers, the cat room is not ready for boarding just yet. Soon.) We’re taking reservations now.

Buddy: Taylor, do you want to hear about Spa Day Grooming?

Amy: We do both Dogs and Cats. And we have calming, friendly, experienced groomers. Furry dog buddies will get a Prima Bath, along with pawdicure, ears, and teeth brushing. And you’ll wait afterwards for your Human in our Play Area, NOT a scary cage. Taylor, you’ll feel like a million Wufs when you get done, we promise! Cats get a similar relaxing and gentle spa treatment.

Max: Wow Amy, you make it sound like SO much fun! Hey Mom, can I do a play day instead of coming to work?

Taylor: Thank you, Amy from My Buddies Petcare of Port Charlotte! This has been very interesting.

Taylor: So, Cats n Dogs, if your Humans have gone back to the office for work and your kids are in school all day, what’s a furry friend to do? Find a daycare center in your area to give you a bit of fun in your week! We’ve talked here about what to look for in quality care. And, you know where to go in Port Charlotte!

That’s all for this month furry friends and Humans! I hope you’re as excited as we are with all the new products coming your way.

With a wuf, wuf, wuf and a meeeowww,

Taylor, Buddy, Max, and Sunshine Kitty (who you will hear from next month)



The next dental: May 7th. Spaces still available

Puppy Class: Still interested in taking some classes with your Human?? We’re making a list now of names now so we can schedule the next class real soon. Please call Nancy or Judi at 941-627-4093. If outside our business hours, leave us your name and phone number. We’ll call you back.

Joke of the month

How did the little Scottish dog react when he met the Loch Ness Monster?

He was Terrier-fied!

Buddy Laughing, Cats n Dogs Stuff

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