Happy Fall y'all from the Cats n Dogs StoreHi Folks,

This is Taylor, Buddy & Sunshine Kitty wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

This month has sure flown by – We’ve been so busy getting the store ready for the holidays. We hope you will come in to see all the COOL stuff that our Moms got at the Fall Pet Show. There are some GREAT Holiday gift ideas for all your loveable furry footed family and friends.

This is our absolute favorite time of year: Snowfriends are coming in daily, and everyone is in a jolly mood. Thanksgiving starts it all off.

All of us at the Cats n Dogs pet supply store are SO THANKFUL for your loyal support and friendship! It’s tough for an independent pet store to compete with the larger chain stores and remain unique. However – where else can your Humans come to chat all about dogs and cats, and get their questions expertly answered? Nancy and Judi have been pet-lovers forever and are passionate about finding the best foods, treats, toiletries, and toys.

Want to meet a true dog whisperer? Come to the Cats n Dog store, and watch Judi transform your shy furry friend into a puddle of licks and wiggles.

Thanksgiving can be a day – or week – of feasting. At the store, we have special meals that are ‘out of your ordinary’ but still healthy for you. No need to steal a bite or 2 of the Humans’ turkey, ham, dressing or cranberry sauce. You might feel positively primitive about doing it – but I doubt your tummy will feel that way later.

Get dressed up – Aw, c’mon – it’s FUN!Max's Christmas Photo 2020

Are you more of an introvert and don’t particularly like all the guests your Humans invites to your home? In the past we have recommended finding a hide-away in your home. Somewhere you can go where it is alone and quiet. It will recharge your batteries and help you tolerate your Human sister’s toddler, who wants to stick her fingers in your eyes or nose. Don’t get grumpy, just disappear for a bit.

Will you be traveling in the next couple of weeks? You’ll need your ID, health tags, a printed copy of your medical records – you know, all the paperwork you packed in your Hurricane Go-go-go Kit. Don’t forget your favorite blanket or toy.

Well that’s it for this month – Nancy is calling us to get back to work stocking shelves. Here are some pictures of new Cat n Dog stuff!! Check out the new flavors of doggie ice cream. YUM, I love the pumpkin flavor. Sunshine Kitty loves these too. She is giving them as gifts to her feline friends.

Hope you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

With a wuf wuf wuf and meeow meeow,
Taylor, Buddy, and Sunshine Kitty

Visit us on Small Business Saturday for a  yummy surprise!

While supplies last.


For this month’s joke, here’s a video that’s funnier than two shakes of a dogs tail!!

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