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By Taylor, Buddy & Mango

December News: A New Friend for the Holidays

Hi Folks, This is Buddy talking to you this month. Another Holiday Season is here and all of us at Cats n Dogs in Port Charlotte want to send out best wishes for a happy and healthy Holiday Season & a Great New Year to all our friends (furry and not) near and far....

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Buddy on Fall Tips, Trick or Treating, & Exercise

Hi Folks, This is Buddy writing to you this month – and here we are in October already, and… Cooler weather – ahhhh…. A update about our Halloween photo fest & upcoming activities at Cats n Dogs store. (See the home page calendar for dates please.) And please,...

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September News: Ask Taylor

 Hi Folks, This is Taylor. We took a little break in August from bringing you our newsletters – but we’re back. Hi Folks, This is Taylor. We took a little break in August from bringing you our newsletters – but we’re back. Welcome to September! It’s almost time for...

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September News: How to Stuff a Kong

For Humans: a Fun and Tasty Activity for Your Dog First, keep in mind: The ingredients you use to stuff your dog’s Kong will add extra calories, in addition to their regular food. However, it can BE the meal! Therefore, to avoid overfeeding, you should adjust their...

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Buddy’s July Video News

Hi Folks,This is Buddy bringing you some fuzzy news – by video!Click on the control to start the video from YouTube. Don't want to view video? That's why the text is below. Click on the orange box, please. https://youtu.be/QC-v9OrGt9o Hi Folks,This is...

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How to put together your ‘Go Bag’

Hi Folks, Hey Cats n Dogs, Buddy here - and June 1 is here. That means... I’m getting myself prepared for Hurricane Season. It’s the type of disaster we typically might experience here in Florida over the next 6 months. If you’re up North, your disaster...

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Your Source for Raw & Specialty Items

Raw Foods and TreatsGoats milkKefirBone brothGoats milk treatsBonesYogurtCheck out our 4 new freezers! Freeze-driedFreeze-dried foods for cats & dogsSingle ingredient freeze-dried treatsThese are great for your pet's Hurricane Kit and Go-Go-Go bag!...

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May News: How our Furry Friends show Humans they care

Hi Folks, This is Taylor. And this newsletter is a special tribute to all our Human Moms to say Happy Mother’s Day – We Love You! I did some quick interviews recently of my furry friends to find out how they show love to their Human Moms. Here is what I...

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April News: have a great Summer, stay cool and hydrated

Hi Folks, This is Mango with some tips for Summer fun and safety for our furry feline and canine friends! We bid adieu to some of our Winter buddies already headed back north for the summer. Sad to see you leave – hasn’t this been a fantastic season? We...

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March News: Don’t Poison Your Pet!

Oops - were you looking for our April Blog?GO HERESorry about that! Hi Folks! You've got me, Buddy, this month, Since it is Pet Poison Prevention Month, we thought we would put together lists of Foods, Medicines & Plants that you, our furry...

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A Note from my Human:

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