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By Taylor, Buddy & Mango

Feb/March Newsletter: Understanding the Language of Dog Bark

Hey Humans & Canine Chums, Taylor here. Hope you all are doing well! Are you happy to have these nice warm days and evenings return? I am - This is why I’m a Florida dog! I’m curious - Humans, have you ever wondered…Why do dogs bark? Have you asked yourself, “Is...

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Jan 2021, How to Shed a Few Pounds

Hi Furry Feline Friends & Humans, This is Mango. Happy New Year to all our furry friends & your Humans! We hope this year is a happy, healthy one for everyone! Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Are you sticking with them? Top on my list, according to...

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Furry-friend Manners and why learning them is important

Hi, Furry Friends & Humans, Taylor here, Welcome back to our Snowcat, Snowdog and Snowhuman friends! We’re glad you’re back. Lots of you have stopped into the store already. So good to see you! Hmmm… I’m just wondering why Snowhumans are called Snowbirds? …But,...

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September 2020, Breed Specific Dog Foods. Real Value?

Hi Everyone, this is Taylor, We’re back! Had a lovely, relaxing week off, and now we’re happy to be back at the store, seeing all you folks coming in. My two Moms have had a good time this week rearranging the store and getting ready for Season to start. Yes indeed,...

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August 2020, Welcome K9 Officer Sadie

Hi, this is Buddy, bringing you an exciting interview. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview one of Punta Gorda's finest, Officer K9 Sadie, the new police dog. She's a really smart police pup who is currently in training. We interviewed her and her media...

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June 2020 Newsy News

  Hi Folks, Your favorite furry friends are here, bringing you some June newsy news! Happy Summer! Whether you are here in FL or up north, we three send you smiles, wuff wuffs and meooows. Hi, Taylor speaking,My favorite thing about summer is hanging out in the store...

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April/May 2020 News

Hi, this is Taylor bringing you the latest News. Well, we’re now a month past a good grooming. And my Human is keeping us cleaned up here at home. I know I will be glad to see my groomer when this thing is over! No offense Mom. Should be soon. Here are some tips for...

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March News: Hey – a furry friend has got to EAT!

Hi Folks - Buddy here this month, This CoronaVirus thing for my Humans has got us all a bit spooked! Taylor and I have done a bit of research to see if our furry Cats n Dogs can get it too – or worse yet, can spread it to our Humans. The answer to both those concerns,...

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