Community Service

Cats n Dogs maintains a donation box on our countertop. Donations benefit local rescue organizations changing organizations monthly. Events held are fundraisers with donations benefitting The Animal Welfare League, The Cat Depot, H.A. R. T., Florida Little Dog Rescue, The Morris Animal Foundation and others.

If you are interested in donating your time or supplies to these organizations that help animals, here are a few of our favorites:

Check out These Research Sources When Buying a Dog or Cat:

American Kennel Club: About Breeders -and- Finding a Puppy

The Cat Fanciers’ Association: find a pedigreed cat breed -and- research breeders

The International Cat Association (TICA): Pedigreed breeds

FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Pets)

Pet Scammers article


Mango’s request:

if you know a website that we should list here, PLEASE send it to us. I’ve been working on this page, but I can’t know everything! Thanks…