Hurricane Season 2023 has officially begun!

Below are some tips and lists to make sure you and your pets are prepared if there is a hurricane.

Buddy's 2023 Hurricane Prep List

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Buddy’s List for Hurricane Season 2023

Put together your ‘GoBag’

I always do this in early June: I make myself a “Go Bag” – It’s still my old duffle bag that I didn’t chew up. I put in lots of stuff. Paperwork (in a Ziplock freezer bag, these don’t leak) is most important to pack right now.

Here’s My Paperwork List:

  • I help my Human by making a list of cat and/or dog friendly hotels. See links below.
  • If you have health issues, find out the name of a vet or an animal hospital in the area you might go to.
  • Sheltering here: Charlotte County site (all 4 allow pets), DeSoto County (1), Sarasota/North Port shelters (11). Reserve your family spot early, these places fill up fast as a storm gets closer.
  • Is your microchip up to date? Mine now includes contact info for my Mom’s sister who lives up North
  • Pack a copy of your shot records, any medical records and ownership document. A vet or boarding place that doesn’t know you cannot help you without these. Call your vet, they will help you.
  • Print and pack a few pictures of you and your Humans together, in case you get separated. Label them with your names, your dog or cat breed, sex, age, color and any special markings. (Are you chipped? That can help in case you get lost!)
  • And don’t forget a list of phone numbers for your friends! You can text with each other during travel.

LINKS different locations may require you to have specific items like papers, crate, food. Please check ahead!


Other good stuff you should pack now in your Go Bag:

  • Water: pack at least 3 days of water. How much? Figure that you will drink ½ to 1 oz of water per your weight in pounds. I’m 42 pounds, so I set aside 6 bottles for me. DON’T drink from Puddles!
  • Food: At least a 3-day supply – zip dry/freeze-dried food into a freezer bag or airtight plastic container. If you eat dry food, defer this to the Last-Minute List. Canned foods packs well. And if not used during hurricane season – you have a holiday feast in Nov/Dec!
  • Pack a BOWL you can use for water and food, especially if you have to travel. Be sure to pack a manual can opener if the cans of food require this! You cannot chew through a metal can.
  • If you like to chew, you might talk your human into purchasing a new elk horn or bully stick. At the Cats n Dogs Store, we have lots of great toys to choose. Pack into a Ziplock bag now. If not needed, they make a nice holiday treat!
  • First Aid Stuff: Your Humans may pack these items for themselves, so you might not need to. Pack some pet-safe mosquito spray, your heartworm meds & a fresh flea collar. Use up next winter if you don’t need them.
  • Pack an additional HALTER & LEASH. Put an ID tag on the extra collar. If your regular collar has your rabies and city tag on it, BE SURE it’s on your last-minute packing list.
  • Pack a roll of paper towels and poopoo bags, a couple trash bags & sanitizer cleanup liquid. (my “Oopsie” kit) How about some Pee Pads too.
  • FOR OUR FELINE FRIENDS, you might wish to pre-pack a bag of litter and a travel litterbox. I hear disposable roasting pans work well too.

Last-Minute Checklist

Here is my last-minute checklist of things I want to grab before we must “Go-Go-Go”. It’s things I use every day, so I don’t want to pack them away in my bag. This list lives in my bag, right on the top, so we can find it quickly.

  • Dry kibble food, if you didn’t pack canned
  • Your everyday collar that has your rabies tag and name tag on it
  • Bring your “daybed”. It works well in the car & hotel rooms. It will help calm you.
  • If you go to a shelter, you will need a crate in which you are comfortable. Put your name & family contact info on it! You will be in the same building as they are, but not necessarily WITH them.
  • Car ride: I have a comfortable harness that is a seat belt for the car. Best to be “buckled in.”
  • My medications! (eye drops, ear drops, special toiletries & shampoo)
  • You might want your special blanket, and a couple of your best toys to make you feel less scared.

If it can be helped, don’t stay home if your Humans leave! If you must stay home when they go, ask some friends to check on you, and DON’T stay outdoors. Find yourself a nice hide-y spot in a closet or bathroom. I’ve heard that a hurricane is very noisy and scary sounding. You may want your favorite blanket.

Remember to take your Go Bag with you when the time comes! It would be a terrible thing to forget!

Here are some items we have ready for you in our Cats n Dogs pet supply store:

  • Calming remedies (herbal, CBD treats, oils)
  • Cat & small dog carriers
  • Name tags & extra halters
  • Pee Pads, Kitty Litter
  • Interactive toys
  • Cuddly and chewy toys
  • Canned foods, freeze-dried treats and foods if you are on a raw diet