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Buddy's newsletter photoThis is Buddy – the other day, we had a get-together with all of us who bring you the Cats n Dogs blogs. Let’s first take a moment to thank our friends who make this blog possible all year: Taylor, Mango, Sunshine Kitty and me. Thanks also to Max, our editor.

It’s summer, there is lots less activity on our roads and in the stores. And it was raining cats and dogs outside so we got a bit goofy, laughing at all the expressions Humans use when they talk that include us cats n dogs. Seems we so entwined with our Human families! Sometimes I think they want to be like us – abut then again, we do things to be like them.

Cat Sayings

Mango having a good Cat n Dog Store laugh“Mango, before you go for a cat nap, I was wondering if you would let the cat out of the bag and talk about the other day. Your story was about teaching the neighborhood scaredy cats a life lesson that a cat with gloves catches no mice… they need to be a bit more like a cat burglar if they want to be the cat’s pajamas. You taught those kittens not to be a cat on a hot tin roof, but more a cool cat.”

Dog Sayings

Taylor Okun, Cats n Dogs, executive photo“Well, dog my cats,” said Taylor, rolling on the floor laughing, “that was the cat’s meow and silly enough to make a cat laugh!”

Then Taylor shared that he is like a dog with two tails with some of the toys and treats that are new in the Cats n Dogs store. He admitted when he saw the list 2 months ago, he wondered if they might be in the dog house, maybe even barking up the wrong tree. Or that his mom might have fallen for a dog and pony show in Orlando. But, “dog my cats,” he said, “what lucky dogs we are… The new foods are fantastic. The lick pads make hair brushing events fun. Best of all, like a tail wagging the dog, our freeze-dried chicken liver treats makes me want to go hot dogging out in the parking lot! There is even a large selection of garden whirligigs that are a perfect gift for your Human dads this Father’s Day.”

This is Buddy, Buddy Laughing, Cats n Dogs StuffI’ll add my 2-cents: Come in and see what the store looks like now. Nancy, Judi and Harry have been working so hard. Nancy said she has been dog tired and her dogs were barking! But we now have beautiful freezers and a vast new selection of foods for Cats n Dogs. No need for any doggy bags to save your leftover meals; you’ll love every bite!

Okay… at the risk of this becoming a shaggy dog story, I’ll stop here. Didn’t understand half of our silly speak? Hahaha, read below to see the meaning of our cliches.

With a wuf wuf wuf and meeow meeow,
Buddy, Taylor, Sunshine Kitty and Mango

PS: Don’t forget that June is Hurricane Readiness month. You can pick up our 2023 pet preparation list in the store or print one by tapping here.

Cliche Definitions and More

Cat Expressions

Cat Nap: to sleep or doze for a short time

Cat Burglar: a burglar who uses stealth and agility to break into buildings (dates from around 1905)

A Cat in Gloves Catches no Mice: If you are too polite or careful, you might not achieve what you want.

Copycat: a person who copies or imitates the actions of another.

Scaredy cat: someone who is very scared or easily frightened.

Cool Cat: a fashionable person. Also, someone who is very calm or slow to anger.

Cats Meow: something outstanding or excellent

Dog my Cats: an expression of astonishment

Enough to make a cat laugh: something that is very, very funny

Let the Cat out of the Bag: have you ever said something you didn’t intend to say, inadvertently revealed a secret?

Like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: to be agitated, highly nervous, and fidgety.

Like Herding Cats: trying to manage multiple tasks at the same time or with an uncooperative team.

The Cat’s Pajamas: Refers to a person who is the best at what they do.

Raining Cats and Dogs: raining very heavily

Cats Eyes: equates a Human to a precious gem, a compliment.

Dog Expressions

Like a Dog with a Bone: someone is fixated on a topic, relentless.

As Sick as a Dog: someone is very sick, physically ill. However, it can also mean that you feel fed up with a situation.

Like a dog with 2 tails: a very, very happy dog

Tail wagging the dog: a small part controls the whole of something, like a dog so happy its wagging tail makes his whole body move

In the Doghouse: in trouble plenty

Bark is worse than bite: someone who shouts a lot, is maybe big and scary, but is actually really nice

Every dog has its day: a moment of glory for someone

Junkyard Dog: a look that is truly mean, maybe even vicious, and ready to fight

Shaggy Dog Story: a story that is ridiculously lengthy, like a joke that has a meaningless or sudden ending

Barking up the wrong tree: pursuing an incorrect course of action, making the wrong choice

Hot Doggin’: show off in front of others.

Sleep like a dog: to say a person slept soundly, hard to rouse

Dog and Pony Show: an elaborate presentation, “designed to impress people in order to make them buy something or invest money.” (Cambridge Dictionary)

Double Dog Dare: to say “I absolutely dare you!”

Work like a dog: high energy, working hard

Call your dogs off: to tell your friends to stop picking on you

Dog ate my homework: an excuse for not doing written work

My dogs are barking: feet are hurting

Chase ones tail: to try and try only to be unsuccessful

Underdog: someone at a disadvantage and likely to lose a contest.

Doggy bag: a box from a restaurant to bring home leftovers. (dogs rarely get to eat this)

Dog Days: hot sultry weather, where humans feel lazy and unwilling to exert ourselves

Three Dog Night: To say that it is so cold that we need an extra dog for cuddling and warmth.

Dog-eared: describes a piece of paper or book that has worn, ragged edges

Dog tired: can’t keep your eyes open – so you take a cat nap!

Puppy dog eyes, or puppy face: when humans use their eyes to get something from one another

Puppy love: when humans are infatuated with another, the look on their face tells all

Then there is also the…

Hot dog (food), red dog (a blitz), lap dog (a person who acts less important than another), lucky dog (astounding good luck), beware of dog (warning sign), dog it (to underperform, lag behind), dog’s breakfast (a mess), dog’s life (miserable, unhappy), dog-tired (exhausted)

I’m sure you can think of more!!

For this month’s joke, here’s a video that’s funnier than two shakes of a dogs tail!!

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