Why a Raw Food Diet is so Beneficial

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Welcome back Snow-friends, it’s great to see a lot of you back in town!! There are lots of new products in the Cats n Dogs store, so come on in to say Hi.

This month, Taylor and I want to share some information about eating a raw food diet… What are its benefits, what are its drawbacks. We’ll also tell you how to transition to a raw food diet. It’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in.

In this article, we are talking about commercially prepared raw dog and cat foods, not home-made. At Cats n Dogs, we have the most diverse variety of raw and dehydrated foods in the area. We also carry bone broths, pet milks, and treats. Our freezers hold different brands and flavors. It’s a good idea to bring a chilled cooler if you are purchasing frozen foods. Dehydrated foods and treats don’t need refrigeration.

Our Raw Pet Foods:

  • Raw frozen: thaw before eating
  • Raw dehydrated: rehydrate for 5-15 minutes before eating

We also have “Gently Cooked” meals that are cooked ‘sous vide’. These come in frozen packs.

We carry lots of other healthy items:

  • Bone broths (chicken, beef, pork, turkey) – these are made like your Human Grandma use to make, slow cooked bones with veggies and herbs. Our brands use only organic bones, with no antibiotics, steroids, or hormones added to the animals’ diet. They are made with all furry-friend-safe herbs and no salt, onion, or garlic. Grain and gluten free, they are good for your digestion, joints and liver function. Use a little broth to re-hydrate freeze-dried foods, as a food topper, or as a treat. (Max likes a little of the Chicken Jiggles in his dish as an afternoon snack!)
  • Pet Milks – we sell goat and unpasteurized cow milks, in frozen form. Use these the same way you would use a bone broth, but please consult Nancy or your doctor to see if OK for you.
  • Raw bones – so much better for you than cooked bones (which can splinter and be dangerous). We have tasty healthy bones that are frozen and ready for you to thaw and naw!
  • Natural supplements & CBD products
  • Treats – we stock a huge assortment, but here I’m talking about dehydrated strips and chips of chicken or beef, also freeze-dried raw chicken or beef liver treats.

C’mon in to see them all!

What is a Raw Food Diet?

“For most animals, it’s more beneficial than processed foods,” says Doug Knueven, one of our Vet friends.

Taylor tells us a raw dog food diet typically consists of the proper blend of uncooked food items like:

  • Muscle meat
  • Bones, either whole or ground
  • Organ meats like livers and kidneys
  • Raw eggs
  • Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and celery
  • Apples and other fruits
  • Sometimes a little dairy, such as yogurt

Mango writes that a raw cat food diet typically consists of:

  • Meat, fish, internal organs (especially poultry, rabbit, and fish)
  • Ground bone
  • Eggs
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements: Certain amino acids, most notably taurine, as well as arachidonic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, and many B vitamins. Source
  • Mango’s doctor tells us it is super-important to choose raw food meals specifically for cats. Brands we can order for you kitties offer the best nutrition.


  • For your ‘everyday food’, look for one that is a “complete meal” (that’s true for canned & dry chunks too). Single ingredient foods are for specific uses. We carry some of these too – ask Nancy or Judi for advice
  • The raw foods we carry come in different size pieces, from crumbles to patties and loaves. The decision on which to use boils down to what is most convenient for your Human when preparing your meals.
  • Small chunks thaw quickly. Max’s mom divides up the bag of frozen raw food chunks into meal-size portions in ziplock bags. They are quick and easy to pull out of the freezer and thaw for the next meal.

Why Eat a Raw Food Diet?

Dry pellets are cooked at high heat or for a long time into a mush that is then extruded into pellets of differing sizes or packed into cans. Much of the nutrients are destroyed by this process, so dog food manufacturers add back vitamins and minerals. This can be a limited, depending on the quality of the food. Lost are the enzymes.

It used to be that the sources of meats and vegetables used in pet foods were of questionable quality hence the high heat that was needed to cook out harmful bacteria. But the dried and canned foods carried at the Cats n Dogs store come from verifiable sources that are clean and fresh.

Eating raw food is similar to our ancestors’ wild diet. Benefits can include:

  • Relief from allergies
  • Easier to digest, which can mean smaller poops (because you are digesting more), relief from ‘gas attacks’ and bouts of diarrhea
  • Better oral health, cleaner teeth, and better breath. Your Humans won’t have to hold their breath when you give them a kiss!
  • Shinier coat, healthier skin
  • Better energy levels – you may feel calmer but still have energy.
  • Is this you: You get the ‘zoomies’ and then crash for a nap? A raw food diet will help steady your glucose levels
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight – cutting excess carbs can help you curb your craving for snacks all day
  • Overall health: a raw food, meat-based protein and lower carb diet can add time and quality to your life.

Drawbacks to a prepared raw food diet

  • It is very important for your Human to handle raw food properly: keeping it frozen and refrigerated, bowl and utensils clean. Freeze-dried raw food diet offers easier handling.
  • A higher protein diet might not be good for some furry friends who have diseases of the liver or Cushings disease. Ask your vet.
  • It is more expensive than dried pellet dog foods

How to Get Started

The key to success is to start slowly, mixing your current food with the new raw food. Taylor says, “When Buddy and I switched to raw food, it tasted SOOO much better than the old food, we didn’t want to get used to it slowly. But our Moms didn’t want us to get a bellyache or the runs.”

  • Use as a “topper,” sprinkled on your food so you get used to the taste. Most of my friends have found these foods super-delicious so very little “getting used to” was needed.
  • Start with a small amount mixed into your regular food and gradually increase the proportion of raw food. (That’s what we did)
  • Give freeze-dried chunks as treats, increasing the amount day by day. Don’t forget to reduce the amount in your dinner dish so YOU don’t get chunky.
  • If you don’t like one brand or flavor, try a different one. We have several brands and lots of different meaty flavors!

Well, that’s the scoop Furry Friends. No need to buy super-expensive raw foods online, we have so much to choose from here in the store, right here in Port Charlotte, where our help & advice is always free!

Thank you for reading this month’s blog!

With a Wuf Wuf and a Meeoow Meeoow,
Buddy, Taylor, Mango, and Sunshine Kitty (on vacation right now)


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