Four Common-Sense Ideas on Buying a Kitten or Puppy

Hi, this is your friend Mango,

Hope you are enjoying these gorgeous Florida days and nights! I’m enjoying the warm, breezy afternoons, napping under the allamanda at my house. I wrote this blog really for humans, not us furry friends. And there are a bunch of links at the bottom of this article that will take you to more info…

1. Humans, before looking for a new pet, you should decide on what breed you want.

We cats and dogs have personalities and traits, just like you do! You can look up this info (see the links at the end of this article) to see what characteristics fit YOUR lifestyle.

What I mean is, if you live in a small space, are quiet and like to watch TV, don’t get a puppy that will grow large and needs a ton of exercise every day. Us cats tend to adapt to a quiet lifestyle. But don’t expect us to be your walking companion!

2. Next… Find a breeder

There is a lot of controversy over buying pets in a pet store these days. Kitten or puppy “mills” don’t necessarily raise us wee ones to be loving, well-adjusted pets. Finding a reputable, registered breeder might be a better way to go.

  • Know and visit where the puppy/kitty was born and raised. The little tyke’s first 12 weeks of life teach him or her socializing and life skills that last a lifetime. Good socializing by the Humans, I think is important. Also, good vet care from the very start, including the series of vaccines, de-wormings and checkups through the age of 12-18 weeks. Ask to see the vet reports.
  • While picking a breed may make you feel like my friend Paris Hilton shopping for a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. (I guess that’s not really a fair comparison), a kitten or puppy is a companion you’ll have for many years to come. And shoes, well, they go out of fashion by the season.
  • Meet the parents – they should be healthy (require a vet report for parents and grandparents on genetic problems typical of the breed you want) and they should have a personality that you like.
  • You might also contact local Adoption Shelters instead of getting a pedigreed pal. If you’re looking for a specific breed, most shelters are open to all breeds so call to get your name on their list.

3. Bringing your new furry family member home

Like Human babies, kittens and puppies are CUTE and need extra care as well as training. Putting in the love and effort when young, your furry friend will give you a lifetime of happy companionship. You are planning on 10 to 20 years with your pet, right?

I’m going to get on my soapbox now……… Remember I told you I am a reformed Nature cat?

I remember that I had a good home when I was a kitten, maybe up until I was 2 years old. Then my Human dropped me off at a shelter and left.

I’ve never told anyone this before, but I was sad and scared there, and lonely. Pretty soon, I was adopted and went to a new home. The new Human wanted me to be an outside cat (I had lived inside before). I was fed but learned the ways of the world. Eventually I just left and became a street cat.

When I found my new Human, she made me feel important and loved again. I have my own spot in the garage. I don’t think I could ever live inside again, but I do need to feel wanted. Thanks Mom!

I think it’s the same for puppies too. Humans should consider the long-term commitment and costs to owning a cat or dog. We all grow up!

4. About feeding us furry ones

The Humans at the Cats n Dogs store do a ton of research on brands of foods and snacks in order to give you the best choices at fair, reasonable costs. They bring in some medical services to help you care for your 4-legged friends. And they have toys, shampoos, flea collars and other things that are really cool.


There is a plethora of information on caring for and training your kittens and puppies – too much to write about here. Since Taylor likes to research the Internet, he helped put this list together to get you started on finding out all you want to know about bringing home a new furry family member.

Picking a Pet, Choosing a Breeder



Puppy & Kitty Care



Feeding your Furry Baby


Dog Food Reviews by Brand:


Don’t forget, you can call the Cats n Dogs store and talk to Nancy or Judi at 941-627-4093

Fun Pet Stuff

Got iTunes? Here are some great cat podcasts from “The Purrrcast”

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The famous Mona Pants – get started with this older video, there are plenty more that will make you howl like a hound!


Cats N Dogs at WOOFstockWoofstock was a blast!

Our very own Human, Judi, dressed the part and had a table at the event on Feb 10th in North Port, hosted by the Canine Club and North Port Parks & Recreation.

Thanks Mom, you looked really FAR OUT!

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