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We heard from readers who commented about the article on foods that are good for snacking and foods we dogs and cats should not eat. Yes, we missed a few important ones:

  • Yeast dough (uncooked) – well, yuk, why would anyone eat this anyway. It rises in your stomach and will cause severe gastric distress for you (and your Human)!
  • Chocolate, candy or gum – smells good, but if you eat it, it can be a trip to the vet, especially if you have eaten a lot. Bad for your liver, can cause problems breathing. Just “LEAVE IT”!
  • Coffee, Tea, Caffeine – no, Max, you cannot have a cup of coffee in the morning with your Human Mom. Just as you cannot have a glass of wine with her in the evening. I understand you are not underage – it’s just not good for you! Try a little snuggling instead.

If you run into a little tummy trouble, pumpkin will help to sooth that ache.  Try to make sure it’s as natural as possible with no preservatives to cause any more upset.  Check out this web site for tips on cat and dog food problems.  www.aspcabehavior.org

Thanks for your letters, we’ll always answer what we can!

I’ve been on my Human’s computer again, after she and my store owner human had an agreeable but noisy discussion about a new law affecting us pets. Even Taylor and I joined in the discussion.


California has a new law requiring pet stores to sell ONLY rescue/shelter organization dogs, cats & rabbits. The law bans the sale of “puppy mill” animals, but that also includes animals from professional, licensed, and ethical commercial breeders. Plus, the stores will not be required to warranty the animals’ health. (It passed the legislature Oct 13, 2017 and will go into effect January 2019.)

Read on… you’ll see why we in Florida should care!

Those FOR the new law

The lawmakers agreed that, “In addition to saving animal life, AB 485 is also good for taxpayers. Californians spend more than $250 million a year to house and euthanize animals in our shelters. Protecting the pets that make our house a home is an effort that makes us all proud.” Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell.

“By prohibiting the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats in pet stores, California will cut off the supply of inhumanely bred puppies into communities across the state, and prevent consumers from unwittingly supporting this cruel industry,” Matt Bershadker, president and CEO of the ASPCA told PEOPLE in a statement.

Those AGAINST the new law

“The enactment of AB485 represents a troublesome new reality for California’s pet owners. Their choices will be limited to pets from unknown sources, with unsubstantiated health backgrounds, and without consumer protections.”

Representing those against the law, (PIJAC, California pet stores, the American Kennel Club and other groups), there are 4 main criticisms:

  1. Pet Stores: These highly regulated entities are the most overseen and most transparent providers of pets in California. Many are professional, ethical and caring. These (typically independent) stores are put in jeopardy. The sale of a live animal is often the catalyst to a long-lasting customer relationship.
  2. Pet Lovers who prefer purebred and/or specific characteristics will no longer have the protection of the CA law, since they will need to purchase directly from a breeder. While it is admirable to adopt a pet from a rescue, the full background of a pet is not necessarily known.
  3. Warrantee on pet health: the new law was amended to state, “Veterinary checks, permit requirements, transparency provisions, fines and warranty regulations are no longer applicable to pet stores, because lawmakers recognized that stores will not be able to guarantee the origins, genetics and other important characteristics of the pets they source from rescues and shelters,” says Mike Bober of Pet Business e-magazine.
  4. Pets: Per the past laws, pet stores were the most stringently regulated place for people to find a pet. Conversely, rescues and shelter are lightly regulated under existing law. Those laws are not affected.

Why Should We Care?

Rescues and shelters do admirable work. But they cannot take the place of pet stores — the two entities take care of different pets and frequently serve different pet lovers.

It remains to be seen how well this new law works! It deserves attention, as it could find its way into law in additional states, including Florida.

What are your thoughts?

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