Hi Folks,
This is Mango, Taylor and Buddy.

Cats N Dogs Stuff - Taylor, Mango, BuddyWe were so busy discussing who gets to sit on Mom’s lap, we got behind on our blog. So, we decided to work together on our blog.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating how much we love each other. We don’t know why Humans need a special day to give us extra love (and treats) but we got together and came up with some ideas for you. Here’s how we can celebrate together this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s Play!

We love being lazy around the house but going outside and playing with you is even better! Here are some ideas for fun activities!

  • Mango: I have plenty of friends that like to go outside and play, but my favorite activity is hide-and-seek. I especially like hunting my favorite catnip-filled mouse! And, I would really like to play with those boxes and paper bags before you throw them out.
  • Taylor: I love going to the park. I like to run and chase sticks and balls and meet new people… I love everything about the park!
  • Buddy: I’m a bit of a homebody. I love it when my friends visit. I like it when Taylor comes over and we play games with me and Mom!

Buddy wrote about games you can play with your human. You can read it here.

Treats are great!

From Cats n Dogs, Happy Valentine's Day!We love holidays because we love treats! We don’t know why Humans holidays are focused on special foods, but we’re not complaining.  Here are some of our favorites:

  • Mango: There are some great treats at the store, but my favorites are made by ‘Real Meat’. Made of 95% real meat, there are a lot of flavors to choose from. Chicken and Fish are my favorites.
  • Buddy: Mango mentioned some great treats, but I like to keep my food natural, just like it is fresh from nature. ‘Northwest Naturals are slow-roasted and freeze-dried. Cats n Dogs carries lots of unique flavors like Buffalo.
  • Taylor: Thanks Mango and Buddy… now I’m hungry! I really like the ‘Real Meat’ Lamb flavor and freeze-dried lamb (I like lamb). But my favorite treat is the ‘No-Hide’ chews from ‘Earth Animals.’ The Beef is my favorite, but the Peanut Butter flavor is amazing too. It’s hard to choose just one!

Make sure you buy treats specifically for pets and don’t give us any dangerous treats.  We cats n dogs love chocolate, but it is very bad for us! Read Buddy’s article from March about dangerous foods. You can read it here.

We love you too. Here’s how we show our love:

  • Mango: Well, I’m not really into all that lovey-dovey stuff, but I will sit in mom’s lap and purr to tell her I care. If she’s not sitting, or Buddy is in her lap (he’s greedy and needs to share more often,) then I’ll bump against Mom and wrap my tail around her leg.
  • Taylor: I like to sit in mom’s lap. If she’s not sitting down, I’ll just follow her around and giver her “puppy eyes” until she sits down…then I jump in her lap.
  • Buddy: I give lots of kisses and like to cuddle up in the crook of Mom’s legs at night. When I’m at the Cats n Dogs store, I stay close so I can help out when she needs me!

Taylor wrote a great article on Mother’s Day about how furry friends show their love. You can read it here.

Well, my furry friends, that’s all for now. Are you interested in other topics? EMAIL us here – we’ll get back to you!

With a Meoowww and a Wuf Wuf,
Mango, Taylor & Buddy

Q: Why do dogs run in circles?

A: Because it’s hard to run in squares!

Buddy Laughing, Cats n Dogs Stuff

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