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This is Taylor. And this newsletter is a special tribute to all our Human Moms to say Happy Mother’s Day – We Love You!

May News: How our Furry Friends show Humans they care

I did some quick interviews recently of my furry friends to find out how they show love to their Human Moms. Here is what I found.

Almost all my doggie friends said they stay close to their Human Mom, like following her around or jumping on her. Some friends say they like to cuddle, some are less crazy about it.

Lucas loves to sit in his Mom’s lap. At 85 lbs, this is sometimes a problem, so he says he’s learning to lean on her. His Mom rubs his ears, so he knows she loves him back.

Ambrose loves his Grandma. When she visits, he likes to lean on her. Especially since he gets some good back scratches. He likes to sleep close to her at night too, although Grandma says, “Stay on the floor Ambrose.” (He’s a big English Springer Spaniel.)

Max likes to sit on his Mom’s feet when she is at her desk. He also gives her a good, full-body stretch towards her in the mornings. His Mom gives him a great shoulder and back rub. It’s their special Good Morning moment.

Foxy says she loves to just look at her Mom. She likes to see her Mom smile back and say, “Good dog Foxy.” She also likes to jump on her Mom when she gets home from work, ‘cuz she is so happy to see her.

My best friend Buddy gives kisses to show his love. He leans up against his Mom’s leg and looks up with the best “I Love You” puppy eyes. I’ve seen him do it. I just want to go cuddle with him too.

Me? When Mom & I are snoozing, I like to cuddle up in the crook of her legs. At the store (I come to work and help her lots of days) I like to stick close to her. She’s my Mom – and she needs me.

Kitty Love

I heard that cats show their love much differently than dogs. Mango helped me out by asking some of his feline friends about this.

Did you ever hear of “Cat Eye Kisses”? Human Moms of cats know that when their kitty calmly closes his eyes and opens them and gazes at them, they’ve been Cat Kissed. And the Human Mom is supposed to do it back. Huh, maybe I’ll see if it works for dogs.

Mostly Mango’s friends said they like to knead their Human Mom when they’re in her lap – and Purrrrrr. Or rub up against her. Topper likes to wrap his tail around his Mom’s leg and bump his head on her legs.

Tiffany likes to sleep with her Mom (& Dad). She likes that cuddly feeling of sleeping on her mom’s back at night. And in the AM, she gives her Mom’s head some gentle swats. She likes to start her Mom’s day out with a little Kitty love.

Mango told me he greets his Mom with a special sound, not a Meow… more special than that. It’s a giggle-sound just for her because he loves her.

And, furry friends – do you know what! When you show love to your Humans, more than likely, you get lovin’ back!

Happy Mother’s Day Human Moms!

A cat snuggles with a dog laying down.That’s it for this blog – Happy Mother’s Day, dear furry friends and Humans!

With a Wuf, Wuf and a Meowww,
Your friends,
Taylor, Mango & Buddy
Cats n Dogs store in Port Charlotte

Q: How did the little Scottish dog feel when he saw a monster?

A: Terrier-fied!

My fur-baby is my soul mate; we both take naps, we both skip lunch, we both hate the vacuum…

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