Buddy the dog at Cat N Dog StuffHi All! This is Buddy here to tell you…

Happy March – Already!!

Wow – it’s so great to see you all in the Cats n Dogs store lately! I like to watch cars on the big road outside our store window, and there are lots of them!

Here in the store, we’re decked out for St. Patrick’s Day, and I was recently wondering about what kind of dogs there are in Ireland.

In my Internet chat group I visit at night, I talked to a guy who is a Terrier like my friend Taylor – but a breed I’d never met before. His name is Declan. He is a Glen of Imaal Terrier, living now just outside a big city called London. He says there are not many Glen’s left in the world, believe it or not. But there are organizations in the UK and Ireland working to change that.

Declan bet me a bag of dog cookies that there are no Glen’s in this part of Florida.

So – if any of you readers know of, or ARE a Glen of Imaal Terrier – PLEASE contact me and let me know. I really want to win cookies! I’ll even share!!

Since Declan is fuzzy, I asked about his coat. He said, “My medium length wiry hair that needs stripping only once in a while,” about as often as Taylor and I do. He doesn’t like getting his coat brushed, like me. And he doesn’t really shed, same as Taylor and me. His coat has 2 layers, the wiry one on top and a soft undercoat. He says the Glen of Imaal area of Ireland is cool and wet, so his coat is perfect for that.

Declan LOVES his family. He has 2 Human brothers and a baby sister who is just learning to walk. He said, “I’m learning how not to make her fall down. I play chase and run with the boys lots though, especially when it’s muddy outside. They’re fun.

It’s also my job to watch my boys. I let my mom or dad know if someone comes to our yard. I can wuf wuf or ahwrooooo.”

And I get the impression Declan can be a bit stubborn too, especially if he gets bored. Ha, sounds like the rest of us terriers.

Declan sent me a few pictures – which surprised me! He’s really good looking – Humans might call him Cute. Mom said he looked “snuggly.” [ewwwwww]

Declan, Irish Glen of Imaal
Glen of Imaal siblings

In this photo, you can see Declan’s 2 doggie brothers. One, named Tag, is a champ in Agility. The Glen breed is great at that sport – smart, low to the ground, fast and strong. His other brother, named Brody, works on a farm. Glen’s are great workers.

Thanks, Declan, for telling your story. You’re a star! …The bet is ON!

Tap your paw on the pictures to see them larger.
It’s a new trick I learned!

And thanks to you all for reading my story. Let me know if any of you are Glen’s; I’ll share my cookies with you! (Oh, sometimes Glen’s are called Wicklow Terriers.)

With a Wuf Wuf and a Meeeooowww,
Buddy, Taylor & Mango

Q: How did the little Scottish dog react when he met the Loch Ness Monster?

A: He was Terrier-fied!

Buddy Laughing, Cats n Dogs Stuff

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