Taylor the Dog at Cat N Dog StuffHi Folks,

Taylor here. Max’s Mom sent me this video last week – and it got me to thinking… getting our toenails clipped can be scary for both us and our owners.

One Paw

Be sure your sound is on, hehehe.

Many pet owners ask a groomer or vet to do it. But, as my mom can tell you, it’s pretty easy!

Here are the steps my mom takes for me and Buddy:

  1. We sit on the floor in my mom’s lap
  2. My Dad or Aunt Judi has ready a spoonful of peanut butter. It’s for me to lick this during the nail cutting adventure – YUM!
  3. My mom touches my foot with the clippers and squeezes the clippers in the air, so I hear and remember the sound. Clicka-click. Clicka-click.
  4. Then – I start getting my peanut butter spoon or ice cream! (Sometimes I get a cup of doggy ice cream.) I kind of forget about the clippers and enjoy my treat.
  5. She holds my foot and presses her finger gently into my pads which spreads out my toes.
    Come to think of it, she holds my foot quite firmly, so I don’t jump or wince. I don’t anymore – but you might. TRY NOT TO!
  6. She cuts off just the very tip of the nail! That’s important!!! See the picture below of where to cut.
  7. We rest a bit between feet. I love all the ‘good-boys’ I get – and enjoy my treat.

Some days I’m a little more skittish than others, and we get only one or two feet done. No worry, we just get the rest done another day.

When it’s Judi’s turn to do the trimming, she likes to use a “Dremmel” thing to grind down the nails. She follows numbers 3 to 7 above. See this link to the AKC website.

What Cats n Dogs can help you with:

  • “Safari Coastal Clippers” (it’s what Mom uses on me) – in stock
  • “Clot-it” which is a type of styptic powder
  • Doggy ice cream
  • Advice and Encouragement


If your nail gets cut too short and starts to bleed, dip the nail into a styptic-type powder to help it clot. If it was cut severely short, give a call to your vet for help. A cut ‘quick’ bleeds a lot.

How to Train Your Puppy

In short: day by day. Here is more detailed info: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/how-to-trim-dogs-nails-safely/

How to trim dog nails

Click the images to open larger.

Toenail Covers

Here are a couple of interesting products for dogs.

Toe Grips: are great for older dogs who live in a home with smooth floors. They are rubbery slip-on bands that slide onto your toenails.

Toe Covers: If you visit nursing homes where you wouldn’t want to inadvertently scratch someone with fragile skin, try ‘soft nail covers’ that come in lots of colors. They come with a gentle glue to hold them on – and they are quite stylish!

Cats n Dogs can help your Human find these. Just ask!

Toenail Grips and Covers for Dogs

Ok – that’s all for this month. We look forward to seeing you at the Cats n Dogs Store – your hometown pet supply store.  And, feel free to pass this email along to any of your friends with pets!

With a Wuf Wuf and a Meeeow, your friends,
Taylor, Buddy & Mango

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Buddy’s Joke of the Month

Q: What do a dog and a marine biologist have in common?

A: One wags a tail, and the other tags a whale.

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