Hi Folks, this is Buddy & Taylor

Buddy and Taylor are camping out together after Hurricane IrmaWell, it is again quieting down here in Port Charlotte Florida. To our snowfur friends who have recently traveled to your other-homes, we hope your trip was without too much stress and that you’re settling in for a great summer. Keep in touch – let us know how your summer is going!

We recently heard from our feline friend Annie, who traveled by plane and then by car back to Mystic. It took a couple days, but she says all is good. There are more than a few cicadas for her to chase around.

And we heard from Spike, who is on his summer adventure, RV’ing with his Humans in South Dakota. Let us know about the cool stuff you see, will you fur-buddy?

The Interview with Jill

Our friend Jill and her Human, Jeanne were in the store recently. Jill is one of our special friends – such a beautiful lady (a golden beagle) with a calm, caring heart! She said their job has really picked back up this year. You see, Jill and Jeanne are a Certified Therapy Team. We asked Jill about the places she visits. In her own words…………

Jill: “Hi Buddy & Taylor, thanks for the opportunity to talk about the important work of which I’m a part! I actually came in with my special human Jeanne today to see all the new toys you have in the store. ……Can I pick out one to take home Mom?”

Buddy: “Jill, tell us about your airport work – that sounds busy!”

Jill: “Oh yes, it makes Sunday afternoon fly by (haha, get it?). Our job is to visit the Punta Gorda Airport and mingle among the passengers. So many people are nervous about flying – or sometimes just anxious about the waiting part. Kids & adults, I let them pet me and talk to me. Sometimes a little one needs me to distract them from being bored, next thing you know, it’s the adults that are giving me a good ear scratch or belly scratch. We even chat with pilots and flight crews!”

Taylor: “That’s every Sunday afternoon – I hear you go to church and Sunday school too.”

Jill: “Well, that’s how our Sundays start out. A bit of quiet reflection, mingling over coffee, and then discussion. I love to hear our Humans discussing things and see the warm and loving side of them. Then it’s home for a quick stop and off to PGD.

By the way – We’re also available, through Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Homes, to attend and help out at area funerals. It’s nice to be able to comfort Humans in need. I feel it is my true mission in life. Sometimes, I look for someone I feel is needing me and stand close by them.”

Buddy: “Have Libraries opened yet? Are you still doing your reading groups?”

Jill: “Oh – my Doggy Tales Reading groups! They are so much fun! Once a month, before the big-shut-down, I would visit 3 of the Charlotte County libraries to listen to kids read stories – TO ME! All ages of kids – all kinds of stories. From made-up tales by 4-year old’s to mystery books read by 12-year old’s. I hear it will be starting up again this Fall. I’ve missed the kids! To contact the Charlotte County Library about the Doggy Tales Reading Fridays, speak to Ashley. Phone 941.613.3200 or email CharlotteCountyLibraries@CharlotteCountyFL.gov

National Pet Therapy Proclamation
Pictured, Back L-R: Jeanne Spica, Commissioner Commissioner Stephen R. Deutsch, Claire Berton
Front: Me! Jill and my friend Bentley

Taylor: “Do you take training and get certification to do this job? How did you get started?”

Jill: “Yes yes – Jeanne & I are Certified Pet Therapists! The program is through Pet Partners, part of Suncoast Humane Society. We get re-evaluated every 2 years to make sure we’re still doing everything right. My very special Human, Jeanne, and her husband Bob worked in pet therapy with my 2 predecessors, Amber & Hope. 3 of them have crossed the rainbow bridge now – and Mom & I are still at it. I love my job! ……Hey Mom, can we take home some of those yummy peanut butter cookies? They’re up there in the bins, I can smell them. I would like a BIG one!”

Pet Partners at Suncoast Humane Society (logo)Buddy: “Wow, thanks Jill – we love that you & Jeanne shared your story with us! We applaud what you do!!

Folks, if you would like to help, Suncoast is always looking for volunteers to help pets in lots of ways! Here you go:

  1. To view more information about our Pet Therapy Team (and to see another picture of our friend Bentley), please visit https://www.humane.org/pet-therapy-team/. You can contact Pet Therapy Team Manager, Claire Berten at cberten@humane.org.
  2. To arrange for Pet Therapy visitations, call 941-474-7884 or download a form from here.”

That’s all from the CnD team for this month! C’mon in to say hi this summer. Or write and let us know what you are doing! (nancy@catsndogs.com)

With a Wuf Wuf and a Meooow,
Buddy, Taylor & Mango

Best Caption Contest

“Ugh, I shouldn’t have run that last mile.”
Lisa Baird

Worn out Lucas, Weimaraner

Thanks to all who submitted ideas!

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