Buddy's newsletter photoHi, this is Buddy.

You heard from my friends earlier this summer, now it is my turn!

A BIG HELLO to our new gallery friends Almondine, Parker, Bo-Tie, Lexi, Lilli, Tia, Greta, Max & Merlin. Your photos are on our Pet Friends Gallery.

Last month, my store owner human went to a show for cat and dog products – and now all our new stuff is arriving. It is SO much fun to see all the new treats, toys, care products and foods. Come visit the store to see. There are always sale items too.

Recently, I was researching Thunderstorm Anxiety

One thing that really bothers my friend Taylor is thunder. Poor guy, he gets all worried and shaky. At the store, I try sitting close to him, but it doesn’t help much. His Mom puts a thunder jacket on him, but it doesn’t do enough either.

However, she found a product called Pet Releaf that is helping a lot. It’s a little chewy that has CBD in it, a non-psychotropic oil from hemp.

(I love researching things on the Internet when my Mom isn’t using the computer in the evening. I guess I’m the bookish one of our group.)

CBD is an interesting product – not only for people! The CBD you buy should be organic and should have less than 0.3% of THC; which makes it legal throughout the US. (THC is the compound in hemp that gives people the ‘high’ – CBD, also from hemp, does not.) Doctors have used CBD oil for years for treating many ailments.

Some vets have found these results in cats and dogs:

  • Reduces anxiety (you get the relaxation without the intoxication)
  • Reduces or eliminates seizures in epilepsy
  • Helps with pain and inflammation, like from arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease (Hmmm, those are big words, I think I’ll research that next.)
  • Reduces the number of cancer cells
  • Increases appetite and decreases nausea
  • Promotes heart health

Now, DON’T go giving your dog or cat THC or pot, please!!

Dogs have way more “receptors” in their brains compared with humans. THC or pot can freak out your dog. Cat brains have a similar number of receptors in their brains as humans, but can still have a very toxic reaction to THC and pot.

Talk to your Vet about how to use CBD for disease correctly. Our Cats n Dogs store can order organic oil or chews for you, give us a call.

For thunder and anxiety, Pet Releaf can be purchased at our store anytime, without a prescription. It’s very mild, but Taylor says it works.

Mango now tells me I was supposed to talk about weight control in this newsletter. Oops – I guess I got carried away with Taylor’s Thunder Anxiety. So, next month, she can talk about it, since she is the one on a diet! Teehee, sorry Mango, just kidding.

Your pal,
signing off for Taylor, Mango and me

Q: What happens when it rains cats and dogs?
A: You can step in a poodle.