Mango at the beach this summer

Hi Folks,

Mango here. Summer seems to be here to stay. Warm weather and afternoon showers. I am grateful for some rain! Our yard was so dusty, I was constantly cleaning my paws and fur.

Some tidbits and tips for May & into June

  1. Waving U.S. flagMemorial Day weekend – Cats n Dogs Store will be closed Sunday & Monday, May 29 & 30. See you back on Tues at 11 AM. We Commemorate All Those Who Have Served In & Supported the U.S. Military! [flag pic]
  2. With June 1 arriving next week, with it also comes Hurricane Season. Buddy updated our blog about getting your Go-Go-Go Kit ready. Always a good read. Links for shelter information is updated. It’s important for us feline friends too! By the way, Cats n Dogs can make you ID tags for all your leashes & collars.
  3. Thunderstorm and other summer anxieties for us furry friends.
    We sell High Quality CBD products for pets

    Please remember that CBD and THC are NOT the same. While they can be from the same plant, THC IS HIGHLY TOXIC to Cats and Dogs.

    Did you know these daily storm anxieties can lead to depression? Cats n Dogs has several high-quality CBD products that can take the edge off. These seem to work better than Thundershirts, although Max says both help him.

  4. Also important for Hurricane Season is a reminder about Toxic Plants and Foods. Lawn grass (especially if fertilized or “seasoned” with bug killers), some veggie garden foods, for those of you up North, storm puddles, and more… Here is more info.
  5. Dental health for catsJune 5th Dental – Are you signed up to get your teeth cleaned? The EZ Pet folks will be at Cats n Dogs on this Sunday afternoon for cats AND dogs to get their teeth done anesthesia-free. Appointment only.
    And, they will come again August 7 – signup has already started. For your appointment, call Nancy or Judi at the store: 941-627-4093.

Health Tips

Here are some tips that include links to more information. Great reading on a rainy afternoon!

Allergies in Cats

Allergies are almost as common in cats as they are in people. Foods, airborne irritants, and chemicals can cause reactions in your nose, eyes, skin, and guts. Some allergic reactions are just uncomfortable, but some can even be life-threatening. Learn what allergies you have, and what you can do about them can help prevent problems. Read this great article.

Allergies in Dogs

I wonder why there is so much written for allergies in dogs? I found loads of info. Well… here’s a page where you can learn about skin allergies, food allergies and which breeds are most allergic.  The food your furry canine friend eats can affect the intensity of his allergies, right Buddy? Also read about cooling foods that are helpful to eat vs warming & hot foods you might avoid.

Yawning Dogs

I noticed my friend Zeus yawns a lot lately. Did you know that dog yawns can mean many things? It can mean sleepiness or just waking up. It can also indicate anxiety – or learning! Wow, dogs must yawn A LOT. How is a Human to tell?

  • Stressful yawns can be longer than a sleepy yawn or repeated several times. A yawn can relieve stress.
  • When learning something new, a yawn can be a moment to process the new information. Or that they are having trouble focusing and need a break.
  • Dogs might yawn when they are excited about doing something fun – like getting ready to go for a walk. It might keep them from getting overly excited.

Here is more reading about Yawns, but also sighing, licking their lips, stretching, shaking and other weird canine behaviors. Whew – cats are much simpler. 

So –
How Many Times Did You Yawn While Reading This Paragraph?!? 
Hahahaha, I had trouble even typing it!

That’s all for now… Have a wonderful holiday weekend – We’ll be back in June for some more fun!

Your friends,
Mango, Buddy & Taylor

A reminder for our FL summer folks:
Please support your local small retail businesses. Summer can be a tough time.

Q: Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool?
A: She had mittens.
cat with mittens

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