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This is Mango. I’ve been busy this summer keeping up with a lot of new cats in the neighborhood. Some of them get picked up and adopted to forever homes, some are quite young and have a lot to learn. My mom helps keep food and water available. But for me keeping them out of harm’s way, WHEW, they keep this old cat busy!

So, I want to talk to you about having on hand, at your home, a pet first-aid kit. And this is for both cats AND dogs. Here are a few items you might want to put in it:

For cuts and bites

Gauze & non-stick bandages are good. (Good question Buddy, the non-stick part is what goes on your cut. The adhesive tape sticks to your fur!) Did you know you can buy pet bandages that taste bad? That way your furry friend won’t chew on it.

Adhesive tape and wraps are a must too. Look for pet-safe bandages in stores like Walgreens. Don’t forget scissors!

The Cats n Dogs pet supply store can help you with all sizes of syringes, pill guns, pet-safe scissors, and inflatable collars for dogs.

A pair of tweezers can be useful for pulling out nasty burrs (common here in FL in the Fall), bee stingers or even ticks. (Pull ticks out slowly to get the body AND the head.)

For stings, wash the area with warm water or use a bicarbonate of soda paste. If you’re stung in the mouth or throat, immediately call your vet. Any swelling might make it hard to breathe, and breathing is important!

You might also want to include some antibiotic wipes.

Dog at Vet

The Cats n Dogs pet supply store carries all sizes of syringes, pill guns, pet-safe scissors, pet-safe wipes and inflatable collars for dogs.

If you eat something bad

My younger kitties have been a challenge this summer with this. They’ll taste anything! And for cats, you MUST call the pet poison control center or your vet for the best advice if something toxic has been eaten.

For dogs, there are 2 items you can stock in your first aid kit: hydrogen peroxide (3%) or activated charcoal. Again, call a professional to find out just how much to give your fido for each type of poisoning.

We have lots of lizards in the area. While not typically poisonous, eating them will make you feel awful! Drooling, thirst and some vomiting are common. Alert your Human though if symptoms get worse: nervousness, tremors, trouble walking, crossed eyes – GO TO YOUR VET! By the way, lizards can carry parasites that might infect us felines.

Ok, furry friends, listen to this ‘ole cat – don’t chase or eat lizards (or toads or frogs)!!! …‘Nuf said.

Cat eating something naughty

Credit: Top Dog Tips

For your Human’s safety

I know you love and trust them, but if you are hurt, you might lash out and bite or scratch your Human. I know you won’t mean to do this – but your Human should have some items handy to protect themselves while they help you.

  • For dogs, a basket type muzzle is important. Practice wearing it when you’re not hurt. It’s not awful. (don’t use if you are vomiting)
  • For cats, getting you into a box or carrier is best. A Human can also cover you with a thick blanket or coat to wrap you, in order to transport you to the vet.

Some paperwork that is important to include in your first aid kit:

  • A copy of your medical records (prescriptions, vaccinations)
  • Your vet’s phone number and the nearest emergency vet clinic
  • The poison control center. (In some areas, it may be necessary to sign up for this service ahead of time in order to use it in an emergency)

Do you vacation with friends or go to a pet sitter occasionally? This first aid kit can turn out to be very helpful to take with you! Put your items in a plastic box or a large purse to always keep them together and easy to grab.

Well, that’s all for this month. My kitty-break is over – time to see what they’re are up to outside. Have a GREAT rest of September!

With a Meeoow and a Wuf Wuf,
Mango, Taylor & Buddy

Q: Why are cats bad storytellers?

A: Because they only have one tale.

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