Sunshine Kitty, blogger for Cats n DogsHi Folks,

Happy November! This is Sunshine Kitty bringing you the first of our holiday messages! OOooooo, I’m so excited to tell you that the Cats n Dogs Holiday Sales have started. Buddy and Taylor tell me that Nancy and Judi had a very successful trip to the Pet Show this summer. And all the goodies are now in stock – just in time.  New toys and treats are tops on MY list… hint hint, Mama Judi.

We sincerely hope you all are doing well post-Ian-weather-event!! I was talking to my pet psychologist friend recently wondering why my favorite feline friends were still so crazy, skittish, depressed and whatnot. Even our outdoor furry friends are not acting normal yet. She told me we’re ok – we’ll all settle back down little by little. Anxiety sometimes takes a while to get out of our bodies. For humans too… so if you are around your human, you might sense their anxiety on top of your own. She recommended we try to relax, get enough rest and hydration. And go Meoowww or Wuff Wuff at the moon once in a while to blow off a little steam.

How to Recognize Stress

It might be up to your Human to recognize these symptoms of furball anxiety: look for loss of appetite, lack of energy and interest, lip licking or yawning, excessive grooming, becoming boisterous, whiny, or aggressive, and other out-of-the-ordinary behaviors. Being stressed for too long can affect our delicate feline or canine health. Buddy and Taylor say a dose of Calm for Dogs by Healthy Pet, Pet ReLeaf or other pet products with CBD helps when life really gets out of control. There are products for kitties too. Ask Nancy for details, 941-627-4093

Safety Tip

Hurricane Ian Brush, Debris Pile on the side of the road

Our buddy Max gave me a good tip about all the bushes piled in the streets lately – BE CAREFUL when you snuffle snuffle around them. You might smell a rabbit or raccoon in there, but there is a good chance there are also snakes in the piles. They love the warm, dried out leaves. You don’t want a nip on the nose!

Tips for the Coming Holidays

For our new readers (and Thanks so much for joining us!) – a quick reminder for you and your Humans about holiday treats and parties. It’s supposed to be FUN to have people come visit. But if that’s not your thing, there are ways to keep yourself sane.

Also – you should try to eat only your usual treats and meals. Too much human stuff can make you feel yucky. Just ‘cuz Humans get to eat sour cream & onion dip, doesn’t mean you should. Some sweet Human foods (containing chocolate, xylitol, and other artificial sweeteners) can actually do damage to your insides. Here is a good place to start reading: How to Survive the Holidays

Tips on how to decorate with a curious cat or dog in the house

Kittens especially might see a decorated Christmas tree as their very own, brand new, climbing Jungle Jim. Your Humans might consider:

  • Using soft/stuffed ornaments on the bottom or entire tree – or decorate above nose or paw level
  • Connect the tree to the wall so it cannot tip over.
  • We’ve heard that some cats like to pull off package ribbons and hide them. Do you do that? Please DON’T eat them.
  • Electric lights and garlands can be intriguing. Humans, watch your curious furry friends to make sure they don’t try to eat them.

News, Events Announcements

If you’ve been in the store lately, you’ve seen the Big News: Cats n Dogs store is FOR SALE! That’s right – Taylor and Buddy, Nancy and Judi are planning to move on to the next chapter of their lives. You know, play ball by the pool, spend time together at the doggie beach, help Mango and me with our front yard kitty day care.

Cats n Dogs has been serving the community since 2012. Open 7 days a week, they sell unique foods, snacks, toys, toiletries and accessories for cats and dogs. They also sell gift items that your furry friends can get for their Humans. It’s a great place to come to “talk dogs and cats.” Would you like to own and operate a vital Port Charlotte business? Please call Nancy at

November 26 is Small Business Saturday this year. You can help support your local economy and your friends who operate small businesses by doing your shopping locally. Cats n Dogs will be open 11 am to 5 pm, offering lots of sales. There will be a very special treat on 11/26 for all good doggies & kitties on Shop Small Saturday, just mention Shop Small Saturday.941-627-4093.

Dental Clinic Dec 4. Sign up now as appointment slots are filling up.

Make a big impact, shop small. Shop Small Saturday Saturday November 26, 2022

Well – that’s it for this month. Hope you enjoyed!

With a Wuf Wuf and a Meoww Meoww,
Taylor, Buddy, Mango & Sunshine

This is Lucas after a long hike – doesn’t he look HAPPY?
A worry-free weimy!

Lucas (dog) smiling after a long hike

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