Season’s Greetings from all of us at Cats n Dogs to all of you and your Humans!

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Mango, of Cats N Dogs
In these days of 1-click Internet shopping, we appreciate that you choose to come into our store to buy food, treats and toys. Sometimes you ask us for advice & we learn from you too.

Whatever you celebrate… or even if you don’t… We celebrate YOU! We wish for you health & much happiness in the coming year.

And, we send wishes to all the pets in shelters and foster homes that they find their forever families, so they may sleep in a warm bed every night. After the holidays, if you find a little hole in your heart – check out one of the area shelters. There just may be a cat or dog who is looking for a forever home that can fill up your life!

On to our blog! Buddy & Mango helped me research and write this blog. ALL the Holidays are FUN! And here are some tips to keep them fun for all. A trip to the vet is not fun.

There are a few things our furry friends need to watch out for; humans too. So listen up, please…

Foods that are No, no, no:

We’ve talked about this in previous blogs [September] [October], so just a summary here.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Sugar, Xylitol, artificial sweeteners (very dangerous)
  3. Fatty, spicy, salty, cooked bones
  4. Table scraps, like turkey & turkey skin, gravy & meat fat, onions, raisins or grapes, yeast dough
  5. Humans: remember to clear food from tables we can access, as well as put trash bags with food in them out of our reach. Some of us just can’t resist.

Decorations that are No, no, no:

  1. Don’t eat tinsel and other shiny decorations. Do NOT chew on shiny lights or the strings that make them light up. It will hurt.
  2. Feline friends, please note that candle flames are HOT and HURT. Don’t play with candles.
  3. Some holiday plants are poisonous: mistletoe, holly, lilies and poinsettia will make you barf, or worse.
  4. Christmas trees: watch out, they can tip over if you jump on them or climb in them. They are pretty to look at, please don’t touch. The balls, glass & plastic, and ribbons are NOT your toys. Maybe your Human will leave the lower branches un-decorated for your safety.

How to Handle Parties and House Guests

  1. For parties, my Human has a dish of treats on the counter that guests are allowed to feed me. She says “No, no, no” to guests that try to feed me crackers and dip.
  2. Friends, it’s bad form to beg for food during a “sit down dinner”. It is a good idea for us to go hang out in our quiet place.
  3. If you have company staying at the house, your Human can make sure the guest luggage is out of your reach. You can get sick if you eat medications or other stuff from their suitcases. (When he was a puppy, our friend Max ate 3 rolls of Rolaids from his Uncle Robert’s suitcase. They tasted good going down, not coming up. He said he can’t even sniff a Rolaid now!)
  4. If guests have small children or if they bring their dog or cat, “Be Nice” to them. If they’re not nice, ask your Human for help. But don’t get ugly. No growling, hissing, scratching or biting.
  5. Humans like to make noise and throw little bits of paper on New Year’s Eve. Don’t eat that stuff, and don’t freak out. This craziness stops pretty quickly. Dog friends: it can be a good time for you to make noise too! Let out a howl or a wuf, wuf! Or, if you‘re like Mango… go to your quiet place before the noise starts.

Tips for Humans that are Yes, Ok, Good Dog, Good Kitty

  1. Have lots of holiday snacks & treats that are doggie or cat friendly on hand during the festivities.
  2. Cats n Dogs store has some holiday meals that can make us feel special when the Human holiday meal is served.
  3. During gift-giving times, we like to get something new too. A new stuffed toy, a blankie or bed, a stuffed catnip toy or interactive cat dancer. Some of us like to get a cool new collar or sweater. But, even your old Kong filled with new treats can be FUN!
  5. Four-legged friends: practice using a quiet spot before the parties and guest-filled days begin. Some place to “get away from it all.” While Buddy & I love to be social butterflies at a party, Mango has her quiet spot. Life is better that way for her. Maybe for you too.
Hope this blog info is helpful for you and your Humans. We wish you wonderful fun this Thanksgiving and in December! Thanks for your friendship this year and for sending us cool pictures for our Fan Club.
Until then,
Your Pal Taylor,
along with Buddy, Mango and our Humans


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