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By Taylor, Buddy & Mango

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month

Hi Folks, This is Mango, your feline friend, writing this month’s blog since September is “Happy Healthy Cat Month”!  This national cat tribute came about when the CATalyst Council was formed to “spread education and awareness about the health, welfare and...

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Boxer Talk

The original video is on YouTube. Thanks to whoever put in the subtitles and voice-over!

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Newsletter from Mango: Cats Like to Play!

Hi Everyone, this is Mango, Buddy did a great blog last month on how dogs can play with their Humans? Now it’s my turn to tell you how we cats like to play! My Human, Judi, told me recently that I’m becoming an “ole softy”.  I’ve been living with her about...

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Newsletter from Buddy: Play With Your Human

Hi Folks, it’s Buddy, As we bid Adieu to our winter furry friends and their Humans, we hope you’ll read our blogs from your Summer homes. Thanks for your friendship and visits to the store this past Winter. Hope to see you again soon! This month it’s my turn to tell...

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5 Tips for Dog-Proofing Your Home

Reprinted from a Cedarcide news-blast. Just like baby-proofing, dog-proofing our homes is essential to keeping our loved ones safe. Dogs are naturally curious, and if given the opportunity, will explore any and every area of the home. By making several...

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Newsletter from Mango: Buying a Kitten or Puppy

Four Common-Sense Ideas on Buying a Kitten or Puppy Hi, this is your friend Mango, Hope you are enjoying these gorgeous Florida days and nights! I’m enjoying the warm, breezy afternoons, napping under the allamanda at my house. I wrote this blog really for humans, not...

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Newsletter from Taylor: Learning to be a Guide Dog

Hi Everyone, I’m Pilot! I’m so bouncy to be here with you Taylor! Thanks for asking me to do this interview. I’m a black Labrador retriever, training to be a Guide Dog for Southeastern Guide Dog Organization, in Palmetto, FL. That’s where I was born. But, I’m living...

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Newsletter from Buddy: How to Survive the Holidays

Hi there from Buddy, Season’s Greetings from all of us at Cats n Dogs to all of you and your Humans! In these days of 1-click Internet shopping, we appreciate that you choose to come into our store to buy food, treats and toys....

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A Note from my Human:

Cats n Dogs in Port Charlotte, FL sells many hard-to-find, brand name pet foods and treats. There are lots of in-house Sale items too! Open 7-days a week. Check out the website for details.

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