Buddy, Taylor, Sunshine Kitty and Mango are all wearing Christmas hats in front of a Christmas Tree to wish you happy holidays!Hi Folks,

We hope this holiday season finds you well and happy! We LOVE to see all the pretty lights on the houses when we drive home in the evenings. Have you seen the tree in downtown Punta Gorda!? It just makes Taylor and I feel all cheery! And our store is decorated with lots of fun. There are lots of really cool gifts and treats, many on sale for this month’s gift giving. C’mon in to say hi!

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Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah Toys for cats
Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah Toys for dogs
Holiday, Christmas, HanukkahToys for pets

Our New Friend Sadie

Recently we met a new friend named Sadie. She is a beagle mix and has a VERY interesting job that we thought you would like to hear about. Have you ever heard of Bed Bugs? Sounds yucky, and they can be a problem. Sadie is trained to smell them; she is a Bed Bug Detection Dog.

Taylor: Welcome Sadie – thanks for talking to us today!!

Close-up picture of a bed bugSadie: Thanks guys, and Happy Howlidays to you. Did you know our doggy noses have 125-220 MILLION scent receptors? We can detect smells 100 MILLION times more accurately than most Human noses. Like when our canine friends come into your store – Ooooo, the yummy smells are almost overwhelmingly wonderful! I was trained to smell bed bugs, nymphs, and their eggs. And I think I’m the only doggy in Southwest Florida that can do this. My Human dad, Randy of Ace Pest Management, and I go to homes, hotels, care facilities, and businesses to do this. Randy does the business stuff; I do the sniffing. Here is a picture of a bed bug. They are usually found in beds or chair cushions where Humans don’t move around a lot. They bite and feed on the blood. It makes itchy bumps on Humans that they don’t like.

Buddy: Wow Sadie, that sounds like important work! Did you go to school for this?

Sadie: Yes, I did! I was born in north Florida and was trained there by special trainers. It took about 3 months and I got certified by NESDCA. That is the National Entomology (Insects) Scent Detection Canine Association. They also oversee Termite and Rodent detection training. I can sniff out bed bugs 3 times better than Humans can look/find them. And much faster too. So, I can help our clients more quickly and accurately. It also means that treatment by chemicals can be used accurately and effectively.

Sadie, the bed-bug sniffing Beagle with Ace Pest Management has detected bed bugs in a recliner sofa!Taylor: Canines to the rescue!! What a great service you provide!

Sadie: Thanks guys. I love what I do. And Randy & I continue training and bettering our skills all the time.

Sunshine Kitty: Hi Sadie, I was wondering what you like to do when you are not working? Where do you live?

Sadie: Hi Sunshine, what a cool name. I live with Randy and his family in Port Charlotte. After a long day riding around in the truck and visiting jobs, I like to take walks around my neighborhood. We visit a few friends, I leave a few p-mails. My favorite game is Tug with Randy. And I LOVE getting biscuits for being a good girl.

Sunshine: Do cats have a good sense of smell too, like dogs?

Buddy: I can answer this Sunshine – I googled it. Cats have exceptional smell sense!! You have 2 ways to smell. The regular way, similar to a dog’s sense, and a 2nd “nose” in the roof of your mouth that helps you hunt and socialize.

All: Ohhhhh!

Taylor: Thank you Sadie for being in our blog. This has been great fun! And thank you Randy, and Ace Pest Management. Ace is a full service, residential and commercial pest control in Port Charlotte which serves all of Southwest Florida. (941) 888-5238

Who likes savings?! The Cats n Dogs Store is having a Huge Holiday Sale!

Come in and see the newest treats, toys & foods for your Cats n Dogs! Lots of stuff is on sale too.

And with that – Buddy, Sunshine Kitty and I, Taylor, will end this with a BIG THANK YOU for your loyalty and support this year! We wish you the Best Holiday Season of Celebrations – and look forward to serving you in 2023.

With a Wuf Wuf and a Meeooowww,
Taylor, Buddy, Sunshine Kitty & Mango


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