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Mango's newsletter photoMango here this month! Aren’t we having a purrrfect summer so far!

It’s my favorite time of the summer too – Mangoes are ripe and ready, my favorite fruit! Have you ever guessed this? I’ve even turned Buddy & Taylor onto them too. Well, let’s dive in:

One Paw

Did you know it’s entirely possible for dogs and cats to share the family home and live together in complete harmony? It’s easier to teach puppies and kittens to get along, but older pets can become friends too.

  1. Obedience training
    Since dogs have a higher prey instinct, they like to chase small fluffy animals like rabbits and cats, your dog must be trained that chasing the cat is unacceptable behavior. Obedience training like sit, stay and leave-it will help.
  2. Allow your new cat and dog to get together only with supervision. Stop the fun if one gets aggressive with the other.
  3. Cats need their “safe space” that the dog cannot access. High up on a bookshelf or refrigerator is good. Resting and eating spots need to be kept apart also. Both cats & dogs need their own “territory”.
  4. Swap scents
    Especially when first meeting, letting your cat and dog recognize and accept each other’s scents is an important process that they must go through before they can get along.
  5. Desensitize
    Use continuous exposure to each other to allow both cat and dog to get used to having the other around. Especially good for dogs, allow them to be able to smell your cat through a baby-gate. Don’t allow aggressive behavior on the part of the dog. Divert the dog’s attention with toys and play.
  6. Let your cat go if he runs away from meeting the dog. Don’t force the situation.
  7. Keep the meetings positive
    Don’t scold either the cat or the dog for less than stellar behavior. DO reward positive behavior. And…click on my favorite pictures below:

Remember my Human Friends, this can be a slow process, requiring days not hours. Your efforts and positive training WILL encourage your cat and dog to get along eventually though.


Puppy and kitten: A puppy and a kitten that grow up together are more likely to develop a close relationship.

Puppy and adult cat: A well socialized adult cat usually won’t have any issues with a puppy.

Kitten and adult dog: Like puppies, kittens are fearless and active. Thus, they can get along well with adult dogs.

Adult cats and dogs can be friends

Try to match personalities when you choose a new cat or dog. If one is active and playful, consider matching those qualities in your new pet.

Know the warning signs of a meltdown. Remember that dogs and cats communicate differently. For example, while a wagging tail will often (but not always) mean a happy dog, a wagging tail on a cat indicates agitation.

Body Language: If your dog is aggressive, scared, anxious, or just plain uncomfortable about cats, he may Growl, Stare, Bark, Chase, Whine, or Cower

Health Tip of the Month

A healthy dog nose is important

Keep a healthy nose: Your furry canine’s nose should be wet for 2 reasons.

The wetness is a thin layer of mucus that absorbs scent chemicals. They then lick their noses to sample the chemicals and present them to the olfactory glands on the roof of their mouths.

Moist noses are also one of the ways a dog sweats. It’s time to check with your Doc if the mucus is thick or crusty.

Beauty Tip of the Month

Keep your cat's hair healthy with the correct shampoo

Make sure you use cat or dog shampoos to maintain the pH levels in your hair.

The pH of our hair and skin is quite different from that of Humans. Using human shampoos can let your hair/skin health become weak and prone to stinky bacteria, parasites, fungi or viruses.

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Cat Telling a Bloodhound a joke

Mice Krispies!

What do cats call a nice dinner?

A fancy feast!

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