Mango's newsletter photoHi Folks,

This is Mango with some tips for Summer fun and safety for our furry feline and canine friends!

We bid adieu to some of our Winter buddies already headed back north for the summer. Sad to see you leave – hasn’t this been a fantastic season?

We felines are pretty easy to maintain through the summer, both indoor and outdoor cats. Keep us cool! Shade and fresh water. This goes for my canine cousins as well. Staying cool and hydrated is key to enjoying the Summer fun!

April News: have a great Summer, stay cool and hydrated

Cool Idea #1:

Thank you Chris and EveGet your Human to fill up a balloon with drinking water. Throw it in the freezer for a day to get it good and frozen. For the next warm day in the yard, peel off the balloon parts and give it a quick rinse (to get off any residue from the inside of the balloon). Put it on a pan out on the patio or yard. It’s fun to lick-lick-lick this cool thing. (Hehe, get my pun?)

Max says he tried this – it was fun to push it around the lanai. Way more fun than staring down bunnies.

Cool Idea #2:

Our friend Fenway loves to go sailing with his Humans, but he gets way too uncomfortable in the heat. So, the night before they all go out, he throws a big water bottle in the freezer. In the boat cockpit, he puts a towel over it (cuz he doesn’t like bottle sweat) and cuddles up next to it.

Since he’s a Boston Terrier (think: short nose), he says it helps him breathe better too.

Cool Idea #3:

I saw this one on YouTube – for an outside cooling mat, fill up a Dollar Store raft with water instead of air. I don’t think it’s supposed to be filled full. Keep it in the shade – you can lay on it!

Recipe: Catcicles & Pupcicles

These are so cool! Hehe. Have your Human fill up an ice cube tray or Human popcicle maker with some pet-friendly broth (try our Primal Bone Broth, it’s DELISH, and comes in chicken, turkey & beef). If using an ice cube tray, cover it securely with plastic wrap. Make a slit over each cube and put in a dog cookie or cat treat. I LOVE the Primal broths we have in the store. When frozen, these make a cool treat on a hot day!

Health tips

Puppies Drinking water

Rule of Paw: you should drink 1 oz. for every pound you weigh. 10 lb = 10 oz.; 85 lb = 85 oz. If you are very active or outside a lot, you might need more than that!

  1. If you find yourself getting overheated: get in the shade and get a good long drink. If that’s not enough, have your Human wet down a towel and drape it over your head and back. It acts as a second skin. Evaporation will cool you off. Note: wetting YOU down, especially for my doggy buds, will NOT help! Well, it will for a few minutes – then it acts like a warm blanket! If you are having trouble breathing, your heart is beating fast or you feel weak, ask your Human for a trip to your Vet – pronto!
  2. Walking outside: Buddy & Taylor (my 2 canine BFF’s) say that an early morning and early evening walk is preferable. The street can get blistering hot! Tell your Human to put their hand on the pavement for 30 seconds. That’s what it feels like on our pads. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot for a walk! (Sneakers or booties are not summer wear, since we pad-footed creatures sweat through our feet.) For a little pawtection, a moisturizing balm, like Pawtector© helps keep our pads healthy and less susceptible to the ravages of hot pavement.
  3. For pooches that need grooming: Keep your do longer for the summer. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but it will act to protect and cool you better than short hair.

The Sun

A perfect afternoon for my friend Missy is to lay in the grass in the sun stretched out on her back. She is all white fur – I recently told her – “SUNSCREEN Sweetie – on your nose, ears and belly!” Just ‘cuz you’re a “cracker cat” doesn’t mean the sun isn’t harsh on your skin too.


Sun Health Tips:

  1. Sunscreen for Cats and Dogs is healthier for us than using people sunscreen. My vet recommends it on noses, ears and bellies. Short hair dogs like Weimaraners and Boxers (I’m thinking of our friends Lucas and Sadie) should also take care to protect around your eyes and mouth. Even your tail can get sunburned!
  2. NO sunscreen with zinc oxide, salicylates, or acetylsalicylic acid please! Will make us sick.
  3. And, if you are outside all day, put it on every 3-4 hours. We recommend “My Dog Nose It”. It’s great for noses, paws, elbows, bellies.

Ok – it’s time for me to close – thanks for reading all this! Next month Taylor is going to write about dogs and swimming. In the meantime, if you need a life jacket – come into the store. My Humans can help you get fitted with the best one for you! 

If you are traveling back North or on vacation, be safe! Why? Because WE CARE ABOUT YOU! If you live here – great – see you soon. We appreciate your friendship and supporting our Cats n Dogs store!

With a wuf wuf and a meooow,
Mango, Taylor and Buddy
Cats n Dogs store in Port Charlotte

Some of my new friends (see more in our Gallery)



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