Satisfied Customers & Product Testers Had This To Say:

catsndogs-iconYour web site is almost as fantastic as your products. Thanks for making my dog Panda Bear’s toy chest filled! ~ Cheryl Hoston

catsndogs-iconCats n Dogs really does have the best prices on the Internet. I buy lots of doggy toys for my Rottweilers and I always shop around before buying. Those Tuggy Toys you sell are GREAT! I’ve bought several of the different styles because my dogs just love them. They actually LAST just like you said they would. I’m a happy cu and my two Rotties are too. ~ Sherry Duquette

catsndogs-iconThe Beba Toy by Dura Doggie is fantastic. I have never seen a toy that a dog takes to so quickly. Almost from the minute it was given to him, it became Bannack’s favorite. It has a vanilla smell to it and he loves the squeaker.  The Beba Toy has a small treat reservoir, but I have never had to use it because he loves it so much. It is pliable and durable he tosses and bats it across the floor and because of its design it bounces in different directions making it playful. Bannack absolutely loves it. has loyal customers in our family. We will definitely recommend and The Beba Toy by Dura Doggie for a long time. Absolutely fantastic!!! ~ Scott, Jamie, Zack, Garrett and Bannack McCauley

catsndogs-iconMy two dogs Harley and Jazz simple LOVE their Raccoon Pentapull toy. They chase each other around the yard all day taking turns tugging the toy away from each other. Harley is a German Shepard mix and Jazz is a Rottweiler so this toy is super durable. They’ve been playing with it for 2 months now & there are no tears, rips or holes in it yet! We’ve never had a toy last this long before. I’ll be buying more of those Doggles Pentapull toys! They are awesome! ~ Scott Foley

catsndogs-iconFruitables Pumpkin & Banana Treats – If your dog has not had these before, write down the name Fruitables and GO FIND THEM! They are amazing, healthy, and in cute flower shapes! My standard poodle, Jett, will eat nearly anything. But with kidney issues, we have to be extremely careful and watch his calcium and protein levels. These treats fit well under his requirements so he makes sure to get his flower cookies as much as possible.

The package is also really nice, it seals so they don’t get hard fast. But even without the re-sealable top, they wouldn’t spoil in our house because Jett eats them too fast! We were given the pumpkin and banana treats. Also in our cabinet is the pumpkin and apple flavor. They smell so good I was tempted to try them myself. Yes, tempted, I did not eat them.

Size: they are small. But that means any size dog will enjoy them. Big dogs will be able to eat quickly, as well as medium sized dogs. This makes them good for training!

Final verdict: Fruitables are one of the better treats out there for all kinds of dogs. But before feeding ANY treat or food to your dog, consider all health concerns! ~ Jill Birkinbine

catsndogs-iconNebo Treat Ball – Small size: We got the blue Nebo treat ball. According to their website, blue is for saving the animals. How appropriate. I took it out of the package and noticed that it was already covered in hair. Everything sticks to the soft plastic/rubber ball. Everything. Big dislike. BUT I also noticed that it is kind of squishy. I liked the texture. And when Leland leaves it in the middle of the hallway and I step on it when it is dark, it doesn’t hurt.

When we get rubber toys, I always hate the smell. Leland, my miniature poodle, loves them and to “kiss.” After retrieving it a couple dozen times, he kissed me and his breath didn’t smell like rubber! I also hate mint smell, so the light vanilla smell was great. HUGE plus!

It has now been a little more than a week with our Nebo ball. Leland still loves it. I haven’t mastered how it is a treat ball. Yes, it has holes in the sides. Yes, treats can be put into the holes. But… they fall right out with almost no work on the dog’s part. We’ll just stick to fetching with it. Mixed on this. But it’s more a marketing dislike than a product dislike.

Overall, Leland gives this a huge two paws up! He loves dropping it off furniture and watching it bounce all over. He also loves trying to sneak it outside, since it fits perfectly inside his mouth with little showing! I love that it doesn’t smell and is “foot friendly.”

Final verdict: We really like our Nebo ball!!! ~ Jill Birkinbine