Fruitables Pumpkin & Banana Treats If your dog has not had these before, write down the name Fruitables and GO FIND THEM! They are amazing, healthy, and in cute flower shapes! My standard poodle, Jett, will eat nearly anything. But with kidney issues, we have to be extremely careful and watch his calcium and protein levels. These treats fit well under his requirements so he makes sure to get his flower cookies as much as possible.

The package is also really nice, it seals so they don’t get hard fast. Size: they are small. But that means any size dog will enjoy them. Big dogs will be able to eat quickly, as well as medium sized dogs. This makes them good for training!

Final verdict: Fruitables are one of the better treats out there for all kinds of dogs. But before feeding ANY treat or food to your dog, consider all health concerns!