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Taylor the Dog at Cat N Dog StuffThis is Taylor. We took a little break in August from bringing you our newsletters – but we’re back.

Welcome to September! It’s almost time for our furry SnowFriends to come back.

We appreciate all of you that have asked us questions lately. You know Buddy & I like to look up things on the Internet. Here are some answers to Dog Questions that you’ve asked us this summer.

Our friend, Max, asked why he’s been so itchy lately.

We asked him if he might have fleas. He said, “No way” – his Human gives him flea medicine every month. Well, Max, it might also be allergies; like his food or something he touches like grass. With so much rain this summer, the grass is always damp & growing. His Mom came into the store and bought some shampoo that is mild and calms the itchies. Hey Max, if it persists, you might get a quick checkup from your doctor.

The next question came from a furry friend that wants to remain anonymous. She asked, “Why do my paws smell like corn chips?”

Hooboy, now we know why she wants to be unknown. But actually, this is common to many of us. We all have lots of nooks and crannies in our paws. When they get wet, which is all the time for some of us, bacteria can grow there. It’s an easy fix, simply wash your paws with yeasty paws solution. Email, stop by or call Cats n Dogs for this natural solution recipe to get rid of that icky smell.  Your Human probably has the ingredients in the pantry!

From George: My Human tells me I’m left pawed – what does that mean?

You might be left-pawed if you use that paw most often. Some dogs we know use their right paw most and the others use their left most. It’s easy to figure out. Pay attention to which paw you like to use when you offer a shake, paw at the door or pull a toy out from under the couch.

A question from our Human friend Tara: Why does Lucas walk in circles before he lies down?

Wow, Buddy & I had to really look for this answer. We found, it’s an “instinct.” Long ago, when we didn’t have our Humans to take care of us, we had to make a bed when we wanted to sleep. The circling scared off the bugs and snakes, and also matted down the grass to make it comfy so we could catch some Zzzzz’s.

I (me, Taylor) want to know if it is OK to eat grass? (Mom’s not really keen on it)

Turns out, a little is fine! Many dogs like a little salad now and then. Some Humans think it is good for our digestion. I just like the taste. However, if I eat a lot, it sometimes makes me barf. I can tell that upsets Mom.

Little Bella wants to know why her nose is wet all the time.

Your nose is wet because you lick it! And, why is it important to lick your nose? That’s the interesting questions with 2 answers…

First, it helps you to smell stuff. You know our canine sense of smell is legendary. Licking your nose heightens your sense of smell.

Another reason we need a wet nose – it’s hot here in Florida! A wet nose helps us cool off. It’s one way we doggies sweat. Other ways we cool down is by panting and through the pads on our feet. Don’t forget to drink enough water when it’s hot. Oh, and don’t worry if your nose is sometimes not wet – unless you’re not feeling well, it doesn’t usually mean anything. Lick it!

Last question from Candee: Why does my dog take so long to find the perrrrffect place to relieve himself?

We dogs are not just relieving ourselves; we are leaving valuable information in our neighborhood to other furry friends. Think of it as “pee-mail”! Like that telephone pole at the end of my street; I’ve got to keep my friends up-to-speed on my whereabouts. It’s also why I like my slow, sniffy walk each day. It’s my social time, even if we don’t actually meet anyone else on the walk.

Hope those answers help – keep the questions coming. Next time we’ll feature Cat Questions. We have a few. If you have a question, please send it to my Human, Na***@**tnDogStuff.com

Cats-n-Dogs-Toys Now, let me ask YOU a question – do you sometimes get bored?

I had a talk with my Human about this a few months ago. I know we dogs sleep a lot during the day. But we also need stimulation, both body & mind. Remember a while ago we talked about how to play with your Human? [August 2018: Play With Your Human].

Mom has been stocking the store with some great new and fun toys. You and your favorite Human are invited to come into the store to check them out!

Do you see that we’re now stocking Kongs and other “stuffable” toys!? Yay, my favorite! Buddy and I also put together a recipe blog. It’s lots of ideas for your Human to make you a fun and nutritious treat!

See you next month. Enjoy our beeeeautiful September weather!

With a wuf wuf and a meooow,
Taylor, Buddy & Mango
Cats n Dogs store in Port Charlotte

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