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Mango - back Home

Mango – back Home

This is Mango, your feline friend, writing this month’s blog since September is “Happy Healthy Cat Month”!  This national cat tribute came about when the CATalyst Council was formed to “spread education and awareness about the health, welfare and importance of companion cats.”

When Buddy told me it was my turn to write, I didn’t have the slightest idea about what to write. But, he recently opened up a whole new world for me!

Here’s how it happened:

You remember my Human took me in as a stray feral a year or so ago. A few weeks ago, some of my old friends came by the house. They talked me into going out on the prowl with them again. Yes, I ran away from my Human and my new home. Once out there, I realized my friends were a little creepy.

And you should see what they caught and ATE. We stayed close (I didn’t want to let my house out of my sight.) My Human was looking for me too. And calling me. I felt so bad being out there. Finally, I let my Human coerce me back into the garage where she shut the door. I’m happy to be “home” – can you believe what I just said?!

Buddy could see that I was conflicted and suggested he teach me how to surf the Internet. Wow, what a world out there! Much better than stalking rodents. So here is some info I found and want to pass along to you, my furry feline friends, and your Humans.

Cat n Dog Stuff healthy cat

Keeping Cats Healthy

We’ve mentioned in past blogs about foods that are No-No’s for cats and dogs. Foods that Humans eat that are no good for us; like chocolate, sugars, salt, spices, fats & alcoholic drinks. When you live with an older Human, it’s important not to eat any of their pills that fall on the floor too.

Household medications highly toxic to cats:

  • NSAID’s top the list (Ibuprofin, aspirin, celecoxib, naproxen, etc. (Brands: Celebrex, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Naprosyn)
  • Acetaminophen (Brands: Tylenol, Little Fevers, PediaCare, Feverall, Neopap)

Toxic Household cleaning products: laundry detergents and bleach, dishwasher tablets, oven cleaner, toilet bowl cleaners. Exploring or chewing even the boxes or containers is also hazardous.

More obvious hazards: antifreeze, ant/rodent poisons, batteries. Tell your Human to keep garbage cans closed & out of reach. A lot of us cats are CURIOUS!

Cat n Dog Stuff photo cat

Taking Pictures of Cats

Since we cats aren’t too adept at selfies, we have to ask our Human for help. Here are some tips for Humans on getting great pics:

  1. Portraits (close-ups) should be done at floor level
  2. Before a portrait shoot, leave the camera or phone on the floor for a few minutes so we can explore it. Your face looks a bit scary when you put that thing in front of it, before we understand it is not going to hurt us.
  3. Take some action shots – don’t forget paws and tails are cute too
  4. Take a quick look at what’s in the background so as not to spoil the subject of the shot – US!
  5. Try to get the lighting shining on us, not behind us

Send us your best. (email to Taylor’s Human at nancy@catndogstuff.com).  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, our editor says his Human can do a quick touch-up if the picture needs it. If we get enough pictures, we can start a photo gallery just for cats.

Don’t have a picture to send?

Have your Human write a Comment to this blog, instead. Just answer the question in the box below: “How my cat makes me laugh…”

Cat Types

People think us cats are independent and self-reliant. As I can attest, given my recent escapade, we need companionship. I need my Human, and my friends Buddy and Taylor! They help reassure me when I’m anxious. Do you ever get anxious or fearful?

Turns out there are cat personalities…

Alphas, sometimes called Dominant and Outgoing personalities, are perpetual motion; these cats have bright brains and busy bodies, needing lots of interesting things to do, enough difficult things to climb, enough areas and beings to investigate and explore. And lots of attention. Sometimes they can be a little bossy. But, perhaps we all have a little of this type in us?

Betas have a strong social drives and tendency to work with their Humans to get needs met. Even if they don’t have opinions about how things should be handled, they often enjoy watching how things get done. These Friendly cats enjoy companionship and have an insatiable curiosity. And they tend to pick a “role” in a household to supervise.

Gammas tend to be shy and introverted. I think this is me. My Human has taught me to interact with her more. Now, she is my world. I like my quiet space, but I also need my friendships with she and Buddy. It’s still hard for me to ask for anything. I like to hide until I get a read on a situation. And I do better if my Human and I stick to a routine.

My editor, Max, and my 2 buddies, Buddy & Taylor, are all dogs – so I’ve had to write this whole thing by myself. I hope I haven’t bored you!

C’mon Cat-friends, let’s start a conversation. Send us a picture of you, I know you’re beautiful.

Don’t have a picture to send?
Have your Human write a Comment on this blog below. Just answer the question: “How my cat makes me laugh…”

Thanks for reading! Happy September from all of us at Cats N Dogs store in Port Charlotte.

With a meooow and a wuf wuf,
With Buddy & Taylor

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