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This is Taylor and this is my favorite time of year – when all our furry friends start coming back to the area. Hello and Welcome – we missed you!! Please come visit Buddy and me at the store – even for just a good sniff and to just say Wuf!

We’ve been looking for topics to bring you in our blog lately. Thanks to John Hackman’s Sun Newspaper column, “Pardon me for asking” – he inspired us to bring you our own version. Feel free to request info from us!

Have you ever wondered…

Can we go to a restaurant with our Humans? Say you are downtown strolling and your Humans are hungry (they eat more often during a day than we do, you know.) This past summer, Charlotte County passed a Doggie Dining ordinance to allow us to dine with our Humans (sorry Mango, no cats yet).  Yes, some stores and restaurants have done this awhile, but now it’s official. Etiquette: We are to Sit or Down while they eat; no roaming around. And NO snarling or nasty comments to other dogs or Humans! I’m excited about this – Hey Mom, are you getting French fries? Pleeeease…
Where to stay when you spend a weekend in Punta Gorda? 2 pet friendly hotels right in the downtown district welcome us dogs and cats: Four Points by Sheraton and The Wyvern Hotel. It’s also a nice walk on the Harbor Walk to Fishermen’s Village. (Max and his Mom walk there during rainy season.)

I wondered – Why do I have itchy eyes and ears at this time of year?

I’ve been uncomfortable lately, so my Human took me to see my favorite Doctor. He gave her some drops for my eyes and ears. I have Allergies! …. Also, the Vet said I can take Benadryl, Zyrtec or Claritin. If you want to try it, contact your Vet for the proper dosage for YOU. It makes me a little sleepy.

Just wondering, do you think we suffer from Red Tide too?

And speaking of the ocean, have you ever wanted to spend a day at the beach with your Human? All the sand, salt water and wide-open space. It’s a ton of fun. But go prepared: fill up your water bottle, don’t forget a bowl, put a little Doggy sunscreen on your nose and other exposed skin (don’t lick it off), a towel, a toy and you’re ready. Your Humans may also want chairs and an umbrella.

Our Cats n Dogs store carries doggy sunscreen. Don’t use the Human stuff, please.

Nose Balm Pet Sunscreen, Cats-n-Dogs Pet Supplies

There’s a dog friendly beach in Venice called Brohard Paw Park. You can romp with other dogs if that’s your thing. Etiquette: NO snarling or nasty comments to other dogs or Humans! Just stay on your leash if you aren’t sure of yourself the first few times. You’ll get the hang of it.
How has Pilot, our local SE Guide Dog, been doing? News from Nancy Colby, her trainer, our friend graduated first level training last July 20th.  3 weeks later, she was chosen to become a Breeder.

Says Nancy, “…breeder dogs are the “cream of the crop” since they represent perfection of the dogs. Dogs who become breeders live with a Breeder Host Family and have a happy life as a family dog.  The dog is bred 2-3 times in 3-4 years and then is spayed and spends the rest of her life with her family.  Pilot is happy, healthy and loved.  It is an honor to be chosen as a breeder!”

Thank you for your service, Pilot! (read her interview here)

You can find out more about Southeastern Guide Dogs on their website: www.guidedogs.org

Kudos to Kody and Stephenie Shaver of Englewood

Kody just graduated first level training for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Now he’s on to the training at the SE Guide Dogs facility – and then placement with his Human. Rock on Kody! We’re proud of you!

Have you ever wondered how you can help SE Guide Dogs? At Cats n Dogs store, we pitch in to help by doing events that raise funds donated to further their mission.

  1. Come to the store to get your photo by Southern Belle Exposures on Sunday, Oct 21 (12:30 to 1:30 PM) The cost to your Human is $10 – and $5 of that gets donated to SE Guide Dogs. Appointments Required: 941-627-4093
  2. Halloween Photo contest for Dogs AND Cats is underway – send us a picture, then watch in November for the Winner(s).

You can also help the Venice Doberman Rescue organization by coming to our store to get a bath on Sunday Oct 21st, 12 to 3 PM. I know, it’s a BATH – but they give nice back rubs while they’re doing it! It’s the Magdoodle Dog Wash Fundraiser.

Have you wondered how to stay current with your shots, but don’t have a Vet here in FL? ShotVet comes to our store 2 times a month – you can get what you need from them. October dates – 14th and 28th. No appointment necessary, just come to the store between 3 to 4 PM.

We Dogs and Cats wonder about a lot of things! As always, you can write to me and let me know what you wonder about. Buddy, Mango and I love to look thinks up and write. Just email us here: nancy@catndogstuff.com

SUN-Best of Cats-n-Dogs Pet SuppliesA BIG Thank You to all our friends who voted for us to be Best Pet Store in the Sun Newspaper Readers Choice Awards. Wow, what an honor!! We all are so grateful for your support! Here are our Humans, all dressed up at the award ceremony.

Thanks for reading! Happy October from all of us at Cats n Dogs store in Port Charlotte.

With a wuf wuf and a meooow,
With Buddy & Mango

Q: What is the saddest breed of dog?
A: That would be a melan-collie

Cats n Dogs blog, surprised collie

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