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A Big Hello

This is Taylor. My best friends, Buddy and Mango, and I write once a month to tell you about the latest from Cats n Dogs in Port Charlotte. It’s a cool store that has pet foods, treats, herbal remedies, toys, and unique gifts for Cats, Dogs and their Humans!

This Month: Let’s talk about going for rides and trips

We Cats n Dogs like to go for rides and trips! But sometimes, we get anxious. So… Humans, here’s a few suggestions to make the trip easier for all of us.

Safety First!

When I was a pup, I loved to stick my face out the truck window to feel the wind. But I got hit in the face with a flying-something that scratched my eye. So… not a clever idea!

Now, my humans have a doggy seat-belt harness to keep me inside and safe. I feel more secure too. Hint: get one at Cats n Dogs store

Hey Cats, tell your Humans to secure your car carrier to the seat or floor. It’s no fun rolling around due to a sharp turn or sudden stop.

By the way, Humans, we might get anxious in the car if we’re sitting in the sun or on the floor – it gets HOT!

Summer Excursions

We want to go too! We Cats n Dogs just need a few things:

  • Fresh water – a bottle of Evian will do [What, Mom? Ooookay! …We don’t need to have Evian] – just water from home or an un-chilled bottle of water.
  • Some treats – so we know you still love us from the front seat. See our favorites below*
  • Our leash with poop bags, for when we need to make a pit stop
  • Mom says to pack our medical records too, in case of emergency

About the “NEVER LEAVE US ALONE IN A CAR!” thing:

My friend once told me he shredded a whole box of tissues when his Human left him in the car. It got hot, he was lonely, he got scared. Not pretty! The policeman wasn’t happy with his Human either.

Your pal,
signing off for Buddy, Mango and me

Q: Why don’t cats like online shopping?
A: They prefer a cat-alogue.