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Hi Folks – Buddy here this month,

This CoronaVirus thing for my Humans has got us all a bit spooked! Taylor and I have done a bit of research to see if our furry Cats n Dogs can get it too – or worse yet, can spread it to our Humans.

The answer to both those concerns, per the American Veterinary Medical Association, is NO. We pets cannot contract it, we do not carry it. And you cannot get it from pet food bags and cans (unless in an extreme circumstance, like it’s wet with someone’s sneeze. Yuk.)


Here are 2 great resources to read more:

www.avma.org (American Veterinary Medicine Association)

www.hemopet.org (Hemopet, a pet medical research source)

In other news…………

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month

We already have a great blog about this on our website – along with a handout that you can print. I wrote about Foods and Medicines that are harmful to both our doggy and cat friends.


We would like to now tell you more on this topic:

march-mosquito-bites dogsHow about Insect Stings and Reptile Bites?

Mosquito season is here – and with pollen season, there are lots of Bees around too… Along with spiders, snakes and other creepies. We furry friends are not always too smart when it comes to sticking our noses into these insect & reptile spaces… please feel free to tell us “NO-NO” to that driveway culvert or drainpipe!

Steps You Might Take

  1. If the stinger is still in our skin, use a flat thing (like a credit card) to try to scrape it away. Tweezers might pop the poison sac.
  2. Apply a cold pack to any swelling (removing frequently to prevent frostbite)
  3. Call your Vet!! (she or he might recommend Benedryl, but not the time-release type or medicines containing additional ingredients other than simply ‘diphenhydramine’) BE SURE TO GET THE CORRECT DOSE FOR YOUR FURRY FRIEND FROM YOUR VET!
  4. If we are experiencing severe swelling or any breathing difficulties – do not delay – get us to our Doctor immediately!

Inhaled, Ingested or Absorbed

march-contact-poisoning-catOur friend Lucy told us that she was enjoying digging holes in her backyard one day, right after the lawn guy had sprayed the yard. He hadn’t yet knocked on her parents’ door to let them know he was there. The stuff bothered Lucy’s feet, which she licked and licked to get it off. Later in the day, Lucy didn’t feel well and started coughing and throwing up. Her parents took her to the doctor right away. Good action on their part! Lucy was poisoned – but she is fine now. Mistakes happen – but it pays to be educated to the symptoms!

These are common symptoms for which our Humans should be alert:
Pain, high fever or body temperature below 100°F, big swelling, a rash, breathing difficulty, rapid or irregular pulse, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, muscle tremors or rigidness. YIKES, that sounds awful!

Here is a Good (but creepy) article for your Human to read: https://www.petmd.com/dog/emergency/poisoning-toxicity/e_dg_swallowed_poisons

Some Happy News…
Our Humans went to the buying show in February for new stuff for the Cats n Dogs store – watch over the next several months for new products as they come in.

Our first new products come to us locally –

Welcome to Puppy Love Co! Owner Karen Nielsen makes a beautiful line of leashes, collars, martingales and harnesses. And we now have lots to choose from in the store! There are also some COOL kercheifs, bows, bowties and flowers.

Click the pictures below to see the full size

Well, that’s all for now. Our best to your Humans for safe encounters and good health while this virus is still active!

Wishing you a Wuf Wuf and a Meeoow,
Me (Buddy), Taylor, Mango, Nancy, Harry & Judi

Don’t Freak Out About Coronavirus Please, Just Keep Your Paws Clean

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