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Buddy's newsletter photoThis month we have gathered up some interesting tidbits about July. Hope you all are staying well and enjoying our sultry Florida summer days! Let’s jump right in:

One Paw

Are afternoon Thunderstorms making you anxious?

We understand – and want to give you a heads up on this week of Fireworks. All that booming and popping plays havoc on our sensitive ears, cats n dogs alike!

Cats n Dogs store has stocked up on Pet Releaf CBD Hemp products. Hemp can calm you down! We can vouch for them. Come in and ask Nancy & Judi what we have available especially for you. It’s no fun feeling anxious every afternoon!

Infographic about Dog & Cat Hydration- click here

July is Pet Hydration Month

In fact, the coming 3 months are our hottest here in Florida. Our bodies need lots of water, about 1 oz of water per pound of your body weight. If you exercise, add even more!
  • Drink lots of fresh water
  • Add extra water to your meals
  • Enjoy watery treats like frozen bone broth balls or cubes

Click HERE or the picture to see a really cool info-graphic.

And here are some additional COOL Summer ideas from us.

July is also Lost Pet Prevention Month

Did you know that once you get lost, there is a low probability you and your Humans will get reunited? Whew, that’s sad!! Just 17.4% of lost dogs and 2.8% of lost cats in shelters get returned to their owners.

Luckily, there are some things you and your Human can do to prevent that. Mastering certain discipline commands is one way to prevent getting lost.

We all know that micro-chipping is a great way to be identified. Your vet can update the info whenever your Human’s cell phone or address changes. Up-North friends – consider having both addresses put on your chip!

ALSO- put a name tag on your collar!! Most people don’t have chip readers, so if you’re lost in your neighborhood, your friends can easily read your tag! Cats n Dogs Store has super cute tags in colors and sizes – and a machine to engrave them. For the month of July, get a discount when you come in to get a new tag!

The Hot-Feet months are here

Mango wants to remind dogs and Humans about hot pavement during the summer. We have mentioned this before here, that walking early or when the day cools down is important to avoid burning your feet. When it’s 90-degrees outside, the pavement is about 150-degrees. Skin and paw damage can occur in less than a minute.

You can fry an egg on it! To tell if it’s too hot, have your Human put their hand on the pavement for 20 seconds. If it is not too hot for them, you probably can handle it.

Booties or shoes can protect your dog's feet on the hot summer pavement.
Cats n Dogs Stuff, Port Charlotte FL

A last item – July is Independent Retailer Month

Why is that a big deal to us?  – Our pet supply store IS an independent retailer. We are a small, local business that exists to serve you. We are not a franchise or part of a big-box store. Taylor, Mango, Nancy, Judi, Harry & I (Buddy) work hard for you, our loyal customers.  We Thank You for your support of Cats n Dogs!

Ok – That’s all for this month. Next month, we’ll answer some of the questions you have sent us. If you have a question, write to nancy@catsndogs.com.

And…. for this 4th of July – we wish you a Happy Birthday America!!
Waving U.S. flag

With a Wuf Wuf and a Meeeow, your friends,
Buddy, Taylor & Mango

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