Taylor, Mango, Buddy, Cat n Dog Pet Supply Store mascots

Hi Folks,

Your favorite furry friends are here, bringing you some June newsy news! Happy Summer! Whether you are here in FL or up north, we three send you smiles, wuff wuffs and meooows.

Florida Sunshine

Hi, Taylor speaking,
My favorite thing about summer is hanging out in the store where it’s cool. It smells good too with all the treats and foods we have.

I’m not crazy about the afternoon thunderstorms, which have started. Does thundery noise make you anxious too?

Mom fixes me up with some Pet Releaf chewies when the storms are starting. We carry several natural calming remedies. Hey, we can let you try some samples. C’mon in, I’ll show you my favorites. They do help! I also like to cuddle up with my BFF Buddy, who is usually here at the store too.

Hi all, this is Buddy,
…Yes Taylor,  I’m always here for you.

I’d like to remind our furry friends about a couple of hot weather tips:

  1. Outward Hound Lifejackets at Cat n Dog Pet Supply storeDo you like to go boating with your Humans? You know how they put life jackets on their Little Humans and sometimes on themselves? Well, we furry-kids should wear them too! I know you can swim. The fact is, if you fall off the boat, it can be scary. And with choppy waves, you might need a little help. Our Humans at Cats n Dogs can help you get the right fit. Give us a call or stop in.
  2. Summer Walks Tip: Check the temperature of the street – Have your Human put their hand on the street for 15 seconds. If it is too hot for their hand, it’s too hot for our pads. And, burned feet hurt.
  3. Don’t forget to take along some water if you’re going to be out for more than a short piddle walk. And how about some sunscreen for your nose and ears.

Ok, your turn Mango…

Hi, Mango here:
…So, I’ve been busy lately with a new crowd of homeless friends. Seems to be quite a number of new cats in my neighborhood. Most of them came from homes! I try to keep their spirits up, my Human tries to keep them nourished. My wish is that all of you out there support your favorite pet adoption organization this Summer with food, volunteering, donations or maybe even adopting. The summer storms and heat make it difficult to survive in the “wild.”

Florida Hurricane SeasonFor our Florida friends – my Human tells me that the Pet Hurricane Preparedness List is again available in the store and HERE. It has been updated with local shelters to which you are allowed to go with your Humans.

The Cats n Dogs store has food supplies like freeze-dried foods and dry foods. We have small cans of food for cats and dogs now that are easy to travel with.

Ok – over to you, Humans…

Hi, this is Nancy & Judi.
We’re celebrating Summer too – and with that comes our storewide HOT SIZZLING SALES!! Lots of products for Cats and Dogs discounted up to 50% off! A whole bunch of BOGO items!Working at home causing your co-workers to go a little Stir Crazy?

C’mon in, bring your Furry Friends, and stock up on great pet products. We’d love to see you!


…And have stayed open throughout the Spring, since Cats n Dogs Pet Supplies is an essential business. We have always followed a protocol of being clean & healthy – “public” surfaces are wiped down several times a day, no crowding in the store. If you are comfortable wearing a mask, we appreciate it.

Well, there you have it! From all of us cool Cats n Dogs, we wish you a safe, happy Summer!

With a wuff wuff and a meowww,
Taylor, Buddy, Mango, Nancy & Judi

Q: How did the little Scottish dog feel when he saw a monster?

A: Terrier-fied!

My fur-baby is my soul mate; we both take naps, we both skip lunch, we both hate the vacuum…

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