Mango's newsletter photoHi Folks,
This is Mango, your feline friend. I’ve been busy these last few months. My Human & I have been helping out some of my old friends during those cold and wet days we’ve had earlier this month & in Dec. My Human has such a big heart when it comes to these things.

Taylor, Buddy & I have been looking for topics for this blog. Thanks to John Hackworth’s Sun Newspaper column, “Pardon me for asking” – he inspired us to again bring you our own version. Mr. Hackworth, c’mon over to my street sometime… my feline friends and I will sing Hotel California for you!

Have you ever wondered…

What is a grouping of cats called?

I saw this at my doctor’s office a couple weeks ago – A group of cats is called a “clowder” or a “glaring”. Clowder is Middle English and means “to huddle.”

Why do some cats eat grass?

Eating grass may help us to throw up an occasional spoiled meal. (WHAT did that mouse I just ate have for his last meal!) It can also serve to relieve other bellyaches from parasites or infection. Some of our feline friends, however, seem to simply enjoy the taste – especially new or wet grass.

Why do we Cats n Dogs have whiskers?

Cat n Dog whiskers are important!Thank you, Mikey, for this important question!

My whiskers are VERY sensitive and tell me lots about what is going on around me. They help me know if I can squeeze through a small space. And I can feel air movements around me, good for protection. If you watch me, I may be using my whiskers to talk to you or even to tell you that I’m stressed. Dogs’ whiskers are the same.

The skin-end of these course hairs have a TON of nerves to send us messages. So please AVOID cutting them – and never pull them out please. OUCH, makes me shudder just to think about it!

Have you wondered if we Cats n Dogs can hear Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

I had to really do some research on this! The first, quick answer I found on the web said Yes, we Cats n Dogs can hear your Wi-Fi devices. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I don’t think I do hear my Human’s device connections. What’s up with that?”

Doing more scientific search on this, I found that we felines and canines do NOT “hear” your Wi-Fi. These are electromagnetic waves. Humans and animals can’t hear this type of wave. And even if they were sound waves, our ears can hear 100-200 KHz, whereas Wi-Fi uses 2,400,000 KHz… WAY above our ability. There is actually a lot more to this, like, do we “feel” or sense Wi-Fi?  Click here if you want to read more.

Have you wondered about whether you need dental care?

Clean Kitty Teeth, Cats n Dogs Pet Store​We Cats n Dogs do need to take care of our teeth and our mouth. Has anyone ever told you that you have “cat breath” or “dog breath”? You may need to get your teeth checked and cleaned. People do it all the time – it’s not scary for them, and it’s not scary for us Cats n Dogs either! Besides, all that brown yukky stuff on your teeth is plaque and tartar – and it harbors bad bacteria. Bacteria causes bad breath (think: “fewer cuddles”), lost teeth and even heart disease or kidney problems.

Fortunately, EZ Pet Dental Cleaning comes to our Cats n Dogs pet supply store several times a year. Buddy & Taylor tell me that there is no anesthesia used and your teeth look as clean as they can be.  The Cats n Dogs store also carries toothpaste and teeth scrubbers for use every day, in between teeth cleaning appointments.

Well, my furry friends, that’s all for now. Have you ever wondered about other topics that you would like us to help you find answers? EMAIL us here – we’ll get back to you!

With a Meoowww and a Wuf Wuf,
Mango, Taylor & Buddy

A contented cat makes a sound we are all familiar with – we purr! The sound inspires many jokes…

  • Why do cats always get their way? They are very purrr-suasive.
  • What’s a cat’s favorite color? Purrr-ple!
  • What did the cat say when it was confused? “I’m purrr-plexed!”
  • How is cat food sold? Usually, purrr the can!
  • What do baby cats always wear? Diapurrrs!
  • What do cats use to make coffee? A purrr-colator!
  • What types of cats purr the best? Purrr-sians!

Mango having a good Cat n Dog Store laugh

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