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By Taylor, Buddy & Mango

Newsletter from Taylor: Learning to be a Guide Dog

Hi Everyone, I’m Pilot! I’m so bouncy to be here with you Taylor! Thanks for asking me to do this interview. I’m a black Labrador retriever, training to be a Guide Dog for Southeastern Guide Dog Organization, in Palmetto, FL. That’s where I was born. But, I’m living...

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Newsletter from Taylor: How to Survive the Holidays

Season’s Greetings from all of us at Cats n Dogs to all of you and your Humans! In these days of 1-click Internet shopping, we appreciate that you choose to come into our store to buy food, treats and toys. Sometimes you ask us for advice & we learn from you too....

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Newsletter from Taylor: It’s Holiday Time!

Hi there from Taylor for this month’s news, Thanksgiving is upon us – and it’s time to let you know how much we appreciate you, both in supporting the store and reading our monthly news. Thanks for being our besties!   In this newsletter, we announced...

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Newsletter from Buddy: CA-AB485, New Pet Store Law

Hi there from Buddy for this month’s news, More in this Newsletter from Buddy Welcome back Snowpets! We’ve been seeing lots of your humans back in the store recently. It’s so exciting to see our friends returning. That also means our favorite season is...

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Newsletter from Buddy: Thunderstorm Anxiety

Hi, this is Buddy. You heard from my friends earlier this summer, now it is my turn! A BIG HELLO to our new gallery friends Almondine, Parker, Bo-Tie, Lexi, Lilli, Tia, Greta, Max & Merlin. Your photos are on our Pet Friends Gallery. Last month, my...

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Newsletter from Taylor: Road Trips

A Big Hello This is Taylor. My best friends, Buddy and Mango, and I write once a month to tell you about the latest from Cats n Dogs in Port Charlotte. It’s a cool store that has pet foods, treats, herbal remedies, toys, and unique gifts for Cats, Dogs and...

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Newsletter from Mango: Buying or Adopting a Pet

A Mid-Summer Hi! This is Mango, Hope you’re having a relaxing summer! It’s my turn to write the newsletter. I’ve been so busy; with all the summer fruit ripening, my mousing schedule has been crazy. So, I’m a little behind getting this done. A little about myself: I’m...

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Newsletter from Mango: When Cats Get Sick

Hi Everybody, Mango here Recently I was feeling a little under-the-weather, so I consulted my medical expert, Google. Did you know that, according to statistics from Veterinary Pet Insurance Co, there is really only a small number of feline medical problems that...

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Newsletter from Mango: Is Your Cat Fat?

Hi Folks, this is Mango again, Taylor and Buddy are working on inventory quality control, so I'm writing. Here is the long-awaited article on maintaining a beautiful, healthy figure. Ok - first – I have consulted my medical authority, Google, and found...

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Raw Food Diet for dogs

Raw dog food diets are controversial. But the popularity of the diets -- which emphasize raw meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables -- is rising. Racing greyhounds and sled dogs have long eaten raw food diets. Extending those feeding practices to the family pet is a more...

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A Note from my Human:

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