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Buddy's newsletter photoThis is Buddy bringing you some fuzzy news – by video!

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Hi Folks,

Buddy's newsletter photoThis is Buddy bringing you some fuzzy news – by video!

My Mom kicked me out of bed the other day. I guess I was taking up too much space. But it got me thinking. I have a few friends who yearn to sleep in the Big Bed with their Humans.

Why… I know I have a very nice bed of my own – but Mom’s bed is special.

I wanted to find out WHY my furry friends and I LIKE to sleep on the Big Bed. So I got my specs on and started surfing the Internet. Here are the reasons the Experts say we furballs like the bed:

  1. Mostly the Big Bed smells good, it smells clean and fresh – or – it smells like our Humans, which is SOO comforting and where we want to be.
  2. However, dear Humans, your warm fuzzy blankets or the crisp cool sheet (especially the expensive kind) are very pleasant to sleep on! C’mon, move over and share.
  3. Sometimes, your Big Bed smells like it IS ours, since we spend a lot of time there
  4. And it’s such a nice, big space on which to S T R E T C H out. Move over Mom & Dad!
    and, lastly………
  5. Sometimes we furry kids just feel we are entitled to sleep on the bed. My friend, who we call King Nugget, does not wish to be demoted to the floor.

Not allowed on the bed, you say? HA haaa! How many times have you snuck up on the Big Bed anyway? You know it’s wrong, deliciously wrong.

It’s a fact that dogs (and cats) sleep more hours than humans. About 12-14 hours each day compared with a Human’s 7-9 hours needed. Whew – I wondered why my Mom can be awake so much more than I can.

Did you know… The type of sleep we dogs get is similar to Humans. We evidently have deep sleep and REM sleep where we dream. And 47% of us do snore, just like you. Yes, Mom AND Dad, both of you snore. Just sayin’…

Well, that’s all I have this time –
Your friend,

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With a Wuf, Wuf and a Meowww,
Your friends,
Buddy, Taylor & Mango
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A: Mice-cream cones!

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