Wufs & Meows on Making Friends: Cats & Dogs

It’s entirely possible for dogs and cats to share the family home and live together in complete harmony. It’s easier to teach puppies and kittens to get along, but older pets can become friends too. Here are 7 tips.

Summer Wufs & Meows

Hi Folks, This month we have gathered up some interesting tidbits about July. Hope you all are staying well and enjoying our sultry Florida summer days! Let’s jump right in: Are afternoon Thunderstorms making you anxious? We understand – and want to give you a heads...

Story of a Pet Therapy Team

Our friend Jill is one of our special friends – such a beautiful lady (a golden beagle) with a calm, caring heart! Jill and her special Human Jeanne are a Certified Therapy Team. Here is the interview.

April is Pet Mental Health Month

Our editor, Max, has been oddly absent the past few weeks, so I called him to see what was up! Poor guy, he said he’s been stressed out, no energy, but wants to eat all the time. I told him; he sounds depressed. Yes! We dogs (and cats) DO get depressed – for a variety of reasons.

Feb/March Newsletter: Understanding the Language of Dog Bark

Hey Humans & Canine Chums, Taylor here. Hope you all are doing well! Are you happy to have these nice warm days and evenings return? I am – This is why I’m a Florida dog! I’m curious – Humans, have you ever wondered…Why do dogs bark? Have you asked...