Buddy the dog at Cat N Dog StuffHi, this is Buddy, bringing you an exciting interview.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview one of Punta Gorda’s finest, Officer K9 Sadie, the new police dog.

She’s a really smart police pup who is currently in training. We interviewed her and her media Officer last week and… well, let me just introduce her and she can tell her story!

Hi, I’m Sadie—Officer K9 Sadie for the Punta Gorda Police Department.

I’m an adorable (also strong and wuff, of course) 1 ½ year old Dudley Lab. Because of my breed, I lack pigment on my nose, eye rims, and feet. I may still be a bit of a puppy, but I am being fully trained Tuesdays-Fridays, for 10.5 hours each day. I am working on the front lines with my favorite Human, Master Police Officer Fernando Burga. He taught me to “heel,” “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “up,” and “load”… among so many other tricks. I enjoy showing them off to all my Human friends, because sometimes they give me TREATS, even though those commands are my job.

My K9 School consists of basic obedience, finding drugs, and tracking scents. My schooling is about three months long, and is given by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and run by Cpl J. Mills. Once I’m done training, I will attend a certification course through the United States Police Canine Association to get certified in Sniffing Out Drugs. When I graduate that course, I get to be placed on road patrol, where I will locate drugs and track missing and endangered people. I can’t wait!

Officer Burga and K9 Sadie for Cats n Dogs

Sadie's Blue BallWhen I’m not training, my breakfast and dinner are provided by the delicious brand, Fromm Gold. Cats n Dogs store has Fromm foods and treats, in case you want to try it. After each meal, you can find me either chewing on or chasing my favorite toy, the Blue Ball. Blue Ball is always waiting for me when I get off each shift, and I like settling down with it, especially after a long day. In the mornings, I play with Blue Ball, too. Who needs coffee when you have Blue Ball? Have I mentioned that I love Blue Ball?

Anyway… How did I end up here in Punta Gorda, you ask?
I was born in Columbia (the country). I took a plane ride to Southern Coast K9, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. They bring in dogs like me to learn basic training.  I answered a job posting for the Punta Gorda Police Department. Then, the Lillian J. Adams Fund for Animal Welfare, through the Charlotte Community Foundation, funded my trip here to the West Coast of Florida. I appreciate all the Humans who have allowed me to have such an honorable position in the world!

Four of us came to Punta Gorda to be interviewed for the job at the Punta Gorda Police Department. We were tested on four different types of tests in this environment. They also looked at which of us had the best toy drive. Toy drive! Awesome, right? Me, K9 Sadie, won The Great Toy Test of 2020. They told me I showed no fear during the environmental tests. How can you fear a toy test in the best place to be, the great outdoors? I had the time of my life! Because of the Lillian J. Adams Fund for Animal Welfare, I’m able to live right here near my work.

What I do on my training days

I like riding around in the squad car, Unit 121, and learning about the area, for one. When hopping out of the car, sometimes I’m told to “seek it up” and “find the man.” These are two of my favorite commands out in the field.

So, that’s my story. I look forward to working hard in Punta Gorda with my special Human, Officer Burga. Maybe someday I’ll get to meet some of you Cats n Dogs around my neighborhood.

Thank you, Buddy and all the folks at Cats n Dogs for telling my story!

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Punta Gorda Police Cruiser

And it’s back to me – Buddy.

We want to say a huge thank you to K9 Officer Sadie, Officer Burga, and Media Officer Davoult for allowing us this fantastic opportunity to learn about your new post here in Southwest Florida!

And thank you furry fans for reading this month’s blog. We hope you’re enjoying a safe and happy Summer. Come visit us at the store!

With a Wuf Wuf and a Meeooww,
Buddy, Taylor & Mango


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Q: What kind of dog did Dracula have?

A: A blood hound!

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Our promise to you: we never sell or give away your contact info. Your privacy is important to us! You can expect to receive a news blast about once a month, that’s all.