Taylor the Dog at Cat N Dog StuffHi Folks, Taylor here,

Let me just say Happy Spring to all our fine furry friends and Humans! I love Spring – people think we don’t have a change of seasons here in Southwest Florida. I LOVE to see the flowers that wait until now to pop out. Our gardenia bush is beeeutiful! I also like watching out the front screen door at the evening walkers out now after dinner since the sun sets later… and shouting out a cheery “Arrrooo!”


A True Story

So, I had an interesting discussion with our editor Max recently. Buddy, Mango & I collaborate with him for article ideas and then he proofreads our stuff. He’s been oddly absent the past few weeks, so I called him to see what was up! Poor guy, he said he’s been stressed out, no energy, but wants to eat all the time. I told him; he sounds depressed. Yes! We dogs (and cats) DO get depressed – for a variety of reasons.

The pandemic has been tough on our Human friends – staying home, wearing those funny-looking masks when they do go out, and all the stress of dealing with sickness and trying to get shots. Lots of them have been depressed too!

We furry friends do pick up on our owner’s moods. Max told me he had been wishing that his Humans would get out of the house more often so he can take a nice quiet nap. BUT, now that they are getting out more, he finds himself sad and anxious that they’re gone.

His mom told me she did notice Max’s mood and said she was working to help him feel better. An extra walk during the day (more activity), a cookie ball during the afternoon to relieve boredom, extra belly rubs and visits to neighbors, both Canine & Human, have helped. She said, when she comes home from being out, they play together for a few minutes and then take a quick walk to chat, just the 2 of them.

I told Max, we really need him and his help with these newsletters too! We asked him to come up with a quick survey for you, our readers. Something FUN! So here you go:

Quick Survey

April Quick Survey

2. What is your favorite food from our store?

The best thing about our store – we make a point of KNOWING each of you, Humans and furballs alike!

Our Humans, Nancy & Judi, are always available to help you out with great advice on products and pet care. …From helping you choose the best dog or cat foods for you, to helping you understand what’s real and what’s not in Pet News claims.

We look forward to your answers to our survey.  Need a little help with the questions? Visit our new CnD Products page on the website to see how Cats n Dogs can help you stay stocked up. We still offer our “Quick Pickup” service. Call in your order, we’ll load it in your car when you stop by!

That’s all for now… Stay in Good Health!
With a Wuf, Wuf, Wuf and a Meoooooowwww,

Taylor, Buddy & Mango

Q: What kind of dog can jump as high as a tall building?

Can’t guess? Look below for it……….

Black and white Shitzu with a Christmas bow on its head and a Christmas sweater

A: Any kind. A building can’t jump!

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