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Well, we’re now a month past a good grooming. And my Human is keeping us cleaned up here at home. I know I will be glad to see my groomer when this thing is over! No offense Mom. Should be soon.

Here are some tips for you and your Human!

Bath time

Make sure you use dog or cat shampoos to maintain the pH levels in your hair. The pH of our hair and skin is quite different from that of Humans. Using human shampoos can let your hair/skin health become weak and prone to stinky bacteria, parasites, fungus’ or viruses.

Our store carries a variety of great doggy and kitty shampoos, cream rinses (if your hair is flyaway) and other beauty stuff. With our call-to-order and curbside pick-up, getting it is super easy!

Humans: How to Bathe Your Furry Friend

  1. First, give us a good brushing. It gets all the snaggles out. Clip off some of the obvious long stuff (if you grow hair like Buddy & I do).
  2. Put us in a tub of water 3-4 inches deep with room temperature water. I like my bath water a little warmer. I DON’T like ice cold water.
  3. Use a pitcher, spray hose or handheld showerhead and get us all wet. Not in our ears or nose please!
    Eyes: some like their eyes wet, some not. My friend Max knows how to shut his eyes and likes getting them wet. It helps get the eye boogers off.
  4. Soaping – MY favorite part. Mom gives me a nice massage while she soaps me up. If your pal has a beard like I do, soap that part last – then rinse it first. I don’t like the taste of shampoo, but I can’t help licking it.
  5. Rinsing – rinse out the soap thoroughly. Apply a little cream rinse if your friend has longer hair. At Cats N Dogs Store, we carry a really nice one that can be massaged in and left. No rinsing.
  6. Drying – most of us like being toweled off, and it saves on puddles in the house. If you have had your inside outer ears washed, be sure to wait to get them dried before you zip off to wipe your face on the nearest carpet. Wrinkley dogs should wait until their human dries out their folds too.

By the way, Cats n Dogs have bath toys for puppies, cats & kittens who can be rambunctious in the tub.

Hair Brushing

Most dogs don’t need bathing often, and cats even less often. But a good brushing… Ahhhh, I love it! And it is good for our coats too. After a bath, when your hair is dry, is a good time for a snuggle in a lap and a brushing.

Grin, sighhhh…..

Teeth brushing

Not my favorite, but teeth brushing is a super important activity. Excessive plaque & bacteria in the mouth can cause gum disease and other health problems. There are brushes like what Humans use, and finger brushes (silicon finger “puppets” that have a little brush on one side.) Doggy toothpaste can make it a more pleasant experience.

For cats, wiping the outside of the teeth with a Q-tip at least twice daily. This is one of the most effective ways to remove plaque before it turns into tartar. Dip the Q-tip into tuna water to make it a yummy experience.

We have toothpaste for Cats n Dogs at the store. Ask us when you stop in or call in.

Toothpaste No-No’s: do not use Human toothpaste. There are some ingredients in Human toothpaste that are poisonous to cats and dogs. Don’t use Baking Soda or salt either please. Unhealthy & gross.

And finally, there are chew treats and toys designed to help keep our teeth cleaned. See the pictures…….

Nail Care

Oooooo. Some of us don’t mind it, some of us HATE it – getting our nails trimmed.

If you take walks on the street or sidewalk, your nails may “self-file”. But if you can’t get your exercise, your nails will grow and grow, until they are clicking on the floor, getting caught in the carpet or curling under into your pad. Ouch – then they must be trimmed!

The Cats n Dogs store carries scratching posts if you felines like to scratchscratchscratch.

To trim your nails, your human will need nail cutters. There are 2 types of manual cutters, scissor type and guillotine type. A 3rd type, grinder, is electric.

We have the manual type at the store. Ask our Humans, Nancy or Judi, which size & type is best for your cat or dog.

Your Human will trim only the very tip of your nail; don’t cut into the quick. The pink part of a cat’s nail, and similar in a dog’s nail, is called the Quick. There are nerves and blood vessels there. You DON’T want to cut this sensitive area. So, try to hold still while your Human cautiously snips only the tip. If the Quick gets cut, it hurts and bleeds. Your Human will need to stop cutting nails, calm you down, and apply “styptic powder” or corn starch to the bleeding nail tip. Humans: pack it into the nail tip and apply cuddles.

Here’s a good cat video on how to safely cut kitty’s claws (sorry about the ads)

Here’s a good dog video, especially good for fuzzy pawed dogs and dogs with black nails (again, sorry about the ads. The important part of this video starts at :24 seconds.)

Things your Human will want to watch for:

Fleas & Ticks the season for these pests (not pets) has started. And, with all the warm weather we’ve had, there seems to be more than ever this year. You don’t want them on you or in your house!

Ringworm this is a fungus (not a worm) that you can give to your Human. Please let your Human inspect you for this; signs include:

  • Circular areas of hair loss
  • Dry, brittle hair
  • Scabby, inflamed skin
  • Rough, brittle claws

Although it sounds itchy, and looks ugly, Ringworm isn’t typically itchy. AND……..Your Human can get this from you, so both of you need to see your doctor. There are good medications and medicated shampoos to treat it.

Finally, Paw Pads – our feet need inspection regularly to make sure we don’t have cuts, infections, or balls of fur wadded up between them (mostly this is a dog thing). A little moisturizer works wonders, especially in very cold or very hot weather.

That’s all. We covered the basics: eyes, ears, toes, body and coat.

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