Mango's newsletter photoHi Folks, this is Mango

It’s my turn to write since we haven’t talked about my feline friends exclusively in a while –  and I wanted to get something off my chest…

At this time of year, we are seeing way too many cats taken away to a Shelter or getting turned loose because they have behavior problems. Well, sometimes a cat needs their Humans to understand what we need to feel safe and secure, instead of grouchy and naughty. Let me explain what I mean.


Environmental Needs

Florida SunshineThat’s our surroundings – indoors, outdoors, or both– as well as our social interactions with humans and other fur kids. As you probably know, we cats don’t express our feelings too well. We can’t tell you when things are ‘getting to us’, when the stress is getting too much to handle. That’s when bad behavior starts.

What’s a Human To Do?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Provide a safe hideaway for us. The definition of Hideaway: it’s small, just fits us, is enclosed but we can go in and out, preferably from 2 sides. If it’s off the floor level, even better. I like my shelf in the garage. My Human uses most the shelf, I snuggle into a space in between. A cat perch works too. Just as long as we have a spot to take a “time out.”
  2. We cats need our “areas” in the house. One area for food and water, our litter box far away in another area, sleeping places in a different area and finally, play areas. We like these separated, it makes us feel comfortable. If there are more than one of us felines in a household, it’s even more important to have multiple of each types of areas so there is no competition. I know Buddy, my dog brother, likes his food bowl in one place and he doesn’t care if Taylor shares. Cats can be a bit more finicky.
  3. Playtime is super important. My favorite game is Hunt! I love to play that I’m hunting, even though I don’t have to anymore. I used to have to hunt for my meals. Now that I live with my Human, she is an excellent chef and provides my meals. I love to chase after that feathery thing. I even catch it once in a while. Some of my friends like food puzzles and food balls. My friend, Miss Kitty, loves to chase bubbles that her Human makes. I cherish my one-on-one playtime with my Human!
  4. We, of course, like to be on a schedule. It’s comforting to know that every day has a playtime, a grooming time, and lap time. I suppose it’s a lot like dogs and Little Humans. Parent time is important.
  5. Avoid strong scents & cleaners. Something that gets a lot of my furry friends and I in trouble is when there are crazy, odd smells. Do you know about Cat Noses? Our nose tells us about our surroundings. We sometimes mark our area out by rubbing our face and body on it… chairs, doorways, Humans, other cats n dogs. Cleaning it all off with strong cleaners makes us super stressed. I mean, we just got all that stuff marked and a Human who doesn’t understand goes through the area with Clorox or Lysol. It can make a feline frenzied!

Whew, let me calm down a bit…….. Ok – back to something fun…


How to Play with Your Cat

Just 10 minutes a day can make a cat feel loved

We cats are highly intelligent, naturally curious and active. We like to pretend to hunt, stalk and act out our natural, instinctive behavior.

The Cat Room at Cats n Dogs StoreOur Cats n Dogs store has the toys you want that mimic prey for the game of Hunt; a toy mouse to chase across a floor or a feathery wand waved in the air. (Remember Cats, you don’t want to eat any loose pieces or stringy stuff.) Change out your toys to make things interesting for you and your Human, so you don’t get stuck in the “same mouse, different day” routine.

Our store also has scratching boxes for exercise and food balls to mimic the action of hunting for prey and enjoying the catch.

Come into the store to see our NEW IMPROVED Kitty Korner – it’s a whole room full of foods, snacks and toys just for cats!

Ok Feline Friends, that’s all for this month – have any questions? You can write them to my Humans, Nancy & Judi.

We’re all here to help you and your Humans have fun living and playing together.

Well, there you have it! From all of us cool Cats n Dogs, we wish you a safe, happy Summer!

Until next month, with a Meeooww and a Wuf Wuf,
Mango, Taylor & Buddy


…And have stayed open throughout the Spring, since Cats n Dogs Pet Supplies is an essential business. We have always followed a protocol of being clean & healthy – “public” surfaces are wiped down several times a day, no crowding in the store. If you are comfortable wearing a mask, we appreciate it. Don’t forget our Cats n Dogs Take Out! Call in your order, we’ll bring it out to your car when you drive up!

Q: Where does a cat go when he loses his tail?

A: A retail store!

Mango having a good Cat n Dog Store laugh

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