Newsletter from Buddy: Thunderstorm Anxiety

Hi, this is Buddy. You heard from my friends earlier this summer, now it is my turn! A BIG HELLO to our new gallery friends Almondine, Parker, Bo-Tie, Lexi, Lilli, Tia, Greta, Max & Merlin. Your photos are on our Pet Friends Gallery. Last month, my...

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Newsletter from Taylor: Road Trips

A Big Hello This is Taylor. My best friends, Buddy and Mango, and I write once a month to tell you about the latest from Cats n Dogs in Port Charlotte. It’s a cool store that has pet foods, treats, herbal remedies, toys, and unique gifts for Cats, Dogs and...

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Newsletter from Mango: Buying or Adopting a Pet

A Mid-Summer Hi! This is Mango, Hope you’re having a relaxing summer! It’s my turn to write the newsletter. I’ve been so busy; with all the summer fruit ripening, my mousing schedule has been crazy. So, I’m a little behind getting this done. A little about myself: I’m...

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Newsletter from Mango: When Cats Get Sick

Hi Everybody, Mango here Recently I was feeling a little under-the-weather, so I consulted my medical expert, Google. Did you know that, according to statistics from Veterinary Pet Insurance Co, there is really only a small number of feline medical problems that...

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Newsletter from Mango: Is Your Cat Fat?

Hi Folks, this is Mango again, Taylor and Buddy are working on inventory quality control, so I'm writing. Here is the long-awaited article on maintaining a beautiful, healthy figure. Ok - first – I have consulted my medical authority, Google, and found...

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A Note from my Human:

Cats n Dogs in Port Charlotte, FL sells many hard-to-find, brand name pet foods and treats. There are lots of in-house Sale items too! Open 7-days a week. Check out the website for details.

Special Orders? No Problem! Call 941-627-4093